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    Hi there! ^^

    I felt that the female parts of the character generator in Ace were a bit lacking in serious or even sad expressions, so I've started tinkering with the existing resources for now. I might later move on to making my own. Which also reminds me - is there any info on who did the original parts for the character generator? I'd like to credit them but couldn't find any information on this so far, I'm sorry!

    Anyways, I'mma start with a female mouth for a srsface and add on to this post later. :3

    Here's an example of this mouth in action:


    And here's the mouth solo:


    Just throw into the "Female" file for the generator and name it "Mouth[number of your existing mouth parts + 1]" it should instantly work. And it looks very pretty with sad or angry eyebrows. ouo

    If you own the RPG Maker VX Ace, I think it should be fine to use this commercially, since you own the originals anyways? Please help me out here, admins/mods. ^^°

    I definitely wouldn't mind but I don't want to trample over anyone elses rights.


    Okay so I kind of suddenly had this idea to also provide additional content for the charset part of the generator. Which will take quite a while, due to me being inexperienced with pixel-y stuff... please bear with me.

    My first bundle of additional content will be an alternate Mini-Folder to enable you to build charsets for child characters with the generator. I'm trying to keep everything in tune with the resources for the grownup charsets so it can be used together. I'm so sorry, this might take me quite a while!

    In order to provide you with everything I manage to get done as soon as I've finished it, I've decided to give you a PSD-file which you can use to combine every content I have so far. Whenever I finish another piece, I'll update the file right away. In the end, I should be able to provide you with content to feed the generator with on one hand and a PSD file to use without the generator on the other hand.

    This link leads you to the file. As of now, all I've finished is the head bases and eye colours, but I'm making good progress on the male body bases. If I keep up my pace, I should be able to provide you with full body bases by tomorrow evening or the day after.

    Credit goes to Enterbrain, I suppose, since I heavily referenced the original resources. You can use it commercially if you own a legal version of RPG Maker VX Ace.
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    I like the mouth sets. hope to see more generator stuff.


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