Cheongsam dress generator part or female character wearing one and/or "Chun Li" style hair


Jan 4, 2013
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You know, those slinky tight shiny Chinese style dresses? Red would be preferred, but gold or blue would be fine too, or anything really as I can always recolour it if need be.

I'm surprised I haven't found one, and suspect there are a few already made that someone hopefully can just point me towards.

I'm also after a "side bun" Chun-Li or Lynn Minmei style "side buns" hair for the Generator, if possible... I'd forgotten how little variety there was in rear hairs, even compared to the VXA hairs. I own the Japanese DLC resources, but none have anything like the style I need.

Ideally, I'd love these as a Generator parts, but if not just a sprite would be fine. I was hoping to make a matching face set, but if the hair can't be matched, I can live with just the dress and head-swapping a different hairstyle.

I'm also open to paid options, if nothing free exists!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can even just give me a link to anything even remotely close that fits MV style.
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