Chrono ABS and Picture Common Events

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    I recently started playing around with Moghunter's ABS and have decided to try to make an android game out of his test project.
    All in all, It was successful (except for a few minor audio problems) and the apk file ran great on my android. I soon realized the
    player would need buttons on screen to use the ABS tools. Yanfly's Picture Common Events was the plugin I chose to display the
    buttons. The Weapon slot was easy to set up the common event for (A conditional branch that checks if a Weapon is equipped or not). The other two or the (not actually equipped) Items and Skills have no indication they are being "equipped" they even have different equip menus. So, I think it would be impossible for me to use a conditional branch to change the common event picture without any Game data changes that the system read can read. I looked into the CE plugin's code and have found the tools and skills menu push scripts (was able to make the item and skills connected to the main menu). Maybe I'm missing something simple through eventing.

    Would it be possible to have a script check when a "Item or Skill" is switched out so I can adjust YEP's picture buttons?

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