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Dec 30, 2020
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Because it's never gonna be just the one question, I'm sure they'll keep coming to me as I work with it. If my Portuguese were better I wouldn't be making this thread, I am one of those people that reads the documentation, it's just hard because I'm pretty limited in that language. (tangential: I was also a big fan of falcoa's pearl ABS for VXA. which also had documentation in portuguese. I guess that's just the international language of Action Battle Systems lol)

  1. Tool Speed (Projectile Speed): Is this based solely on the event speed settings of the tool event on the tool map? I don't see there being a parameter/comment codes for tool speed. That would mean only a few different permutations of speed/frequency to choose from, which isn't the end of the world, but it's not ideal if there's a better way to fine tune tool speed.
  2. Tool_range is "0" for the bow/arrow which I'm assuming is the basic projectile template, but it obviously doesn't have 0 range. It looks like the range is around 4 tiles and then it disappears? I'm not sure if that's linked to tool_duration or what?
  3. Speaking of the bow/arrow, they have different tool settings and different events. Does one override the other or are they somehow both relevant?
  4. This is just an efficiency thing, but I notice that the comment codes in the database entry for a tool point to the event on the tool map, while the comment codes on that event refer back to the relevant database entry. Does it have to be two way like this or is it just an abundance of caution type thing?
I'm sure there will be more. Thanks to anyone who can help!

(Oh, I know that while I could probably answer at least some of the above by experimentation, let's just say I am very cautious to the point of superstition to not break anything in a system until I know how to fix it.)

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