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    I decided to make a somewhat complex class system and fleshed out my ideas around
    Basically, it's 21 main classes + a subclass. So you can take any main class and take another class to inherit some benefits
    So here's a quick run-down of the basic classes:

    - Freelancer: Starting Class. Has a bit of every play style and stats in the middle. Gains more and more stats per classes mastered.
    - Fighter: This is the most basic fighter class. The main appeal of that one is that it has access to every type of weapon that is not a staff. All stats are a bit higher than average, but no overpowered skills.
    - Berserker: This is the class with the highest attack. Gains bonuses the lower his HP is. Since it's one of the strongest dps classes in the game, it is balanced by how much weaker it is to other attacks with a bit lower accuracy.
    - Thief: One of the lowest attack in the game, but has the ability to gain more treasures and gold with "steal". Instead of increasing critical hit chance, I opted for a combo-heavy class, capitalizing on statuses to overall make a good dps build with low attack.
    - Hunter: This class is the ranger as well. It specializes in single targets, marking them and providing statuses / bonus damage to a single target. The advantage with this one is the lower aggro due to the distance that is kept.
    - Samurai: This class has low armor and medium attack, but it specializes well in evasion and critical hits like the Thief. This one however is able to provide buffs and find the enemy weakspots, making it great for creatures where the player already is aware of the weakness.

    - Elemental Mage: Simple as it sounds. It's a class that specializes in elements. It mainly uses fire, ice, earth, wind, water and lighting. This class is pretty versatile in terms of elements, but doesn't offer much else.
    - Dark Mage: This class focuses around the status "Undead", capable of turning healing into poison and deteriorate the well-being of its enemies. Great for enemies that doesn't offer too much resistance
    - Blood Mage: Specializes with skills similar to that of a vampire, mainly preferring draining HP and MP.
    - Conjurer: Specializes in stacks. It's a special status effect for that class that the more an enemy has stacks on them, the more damage they are suceptible to, making them better the longer a fight is in terms of dps.
    - Explosion Mage: Easy enough from the name of the class, it specializes in explosion magic. This makes this class the most damaging in the game, but at the cost of much more MP

    - Knight: Basic tank, focuses on taking aggro and taking on the hits of the enemies. The playstyle is something with a really simple gameplan compared to other tanks
    - Magic Knight: This tank class is better at resisting magic. His skills resolves mostly around having elements to the attacks
    - Paladin: Focuses on Light Attacks and healing. Less tanky than the others, but can manage on its own as well with healing skills
    - Dark Knight: This one is a more reckless tank. This class sacrifices HP for more defense and other buffs. Can e a bt more aggressive than the other tanks.
    - Sky Knight: This class has the ability to fly, giving immunity to damage and targetting once in a while, but very prone to taking more damage and is vulnerable after landing.

    - Healer: The obvious healer of the game
    - Tactician: Functions in a similar way to the bard, giving buffs to allies and coming up with strategies to outsmart an enemy his what this class does best.
    - Alchemist: The specialist in using the items in your inventory for damage. This class has everything in its backpack, from potions for the team to shurikens for the enemies and more.
    - Time Mage: This class specializes in... well time. Slowing enemies, hasting team mates and even restoring MP
    - Merchant: A bit of a joke class, but certainly useful in its own sense. It does what a merchant does best: being a shop. You can purchase items in the shop and use them to battle. You can also spend money to have mercinaries deal the damage.

    That's mostly a vague description of my classes, but i think that anybody that has played a jrpg before can recognize the tropes. Now, my difficulty with this is the balancing, well... ways to coming up with a system that can balance well.
    Having a subclass is pretty strong, as it can give all the skills a class does and 10% of its stats, makign it able to mix up playstyles well. My worry is how broken some combinations could get. My first idea of broken would be Blood Mage + Berserker, which would be sacrificing HP for ATK buff from the Berserker's Passive.

    Another good combination would be Paladin + Healer, which would close down the weakness that a healer has by being a bit more tanky with paladin.

    Do you guys have any suggestions, thoughts on anything on this system?
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    Perhaps, just a random thought here and a lot of work to pull of but...
    Maybe you should make it so that the combinantion of classes also creates a de-buff/loss and/or restrictions to balance things out. This could be explained story-wise by the idea that combining two classes specializes the character to a certain end, and thus also creating vulnerabilities.
    Example: Fighter + Thief... higher critical etc but a decrease in the HP bonus you get from Fighter plus loosing the ability to equip all weapons instead restricting you to blade weapons only.
    Blood Mage + Berserker : Indeed potentially a very OP combination. Perhaps giving a bloodlust state that has as an effect that the longer you go without draing blood the weaker you become, combined by the berserker state that can potentially cause your character to use a basic attack instead of the player's input...
    Anyway that's what I could think of right now anyway :cutesmile:
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    Well being overpowered is one way it can go, the opposite is just as bad.
    I'm playing another rpgmaker on steam. Three skill trees to choose from, combined with a non standard shop and upgrade system. My choices didn't seem wrong, I passed many enemies and bosses fine, until boss number three. Had around eight attempts at it and think I have to restart the game.
    The more options the player has, the more play Testing is needed.

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