Classes Desing: Discution and Guides.


Nov 11, 2015
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Hello everyone. firts i want to say that english its not my firts language, so i sorry for any gramatical mistaked in the text.

Im making this thread as a place where discuss classes deseings and give guides to everyone searching for ways or ideas on how to make classes.

I'll be providing links when necesary.

If you wish to contribute feel free to do so.

So With this in mind, what its your opinion on how Classes should be made?

Any particular set of classes that you have as favorites?

Any idea you like to share here about a particular class you've desinged?

Physical Branch

  • Fighter/Brawler/Warrior:  Prety much you tipical heavy physical damage, normaly uses meele weapons but only light armor. In RM: They can also use multiples atacks, when ever random or multiple.
[*]Knight: The oposite of Figther, uses heavy armor, and has a lot of defense, it has averege attack thou, also low speed
  • In RM they can use sustitute to protec weak allies
[*]Dragon: From Final Fantasy series, a heavy armor warrior who uses spears and has incredibly high speed[*]Berzerker:  A hight damage and low armor fighter, their trick its they have also high amount of HP and usualy do more damage the fewer health they have
  • In RM you can also give them Aouto battle to make them some uncrontoable rage warrior
  • Aditionaly, their damage formulas can increased the damage the fewer health they have.
    An example formula can be: (a.atk * X + (a.mhp - a.hp ) - b.def * X) can be used on VX, VX Ace and MV
[*]Crusader/Templar/Justicar:  A heavy armor warrior that would not stop until he fullfils his mision, usualy aid by the light or justice!
  • Althou similar to the Knight, the class centers more on attack rather than defense and also resistances to darknes and some states, he also deals more damage to dark creatures, HE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THE ENEMIES OF JUSTICE AND LIGHT FELL!
[*]Dark Knight/Templar:  Prety much the oposite as the previous, similar on stats, diferent on concept, he causes terror and fear on the enemies, also uses the dark as his ally
  • In RM they can also use their own HP as skills cost, since this fits their theme., for this, you can uses Yanfly's Skill Core Plug in for MV or Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager for VX Ace (I did know some other Scripts/Plug ins that use this concept, thou i dont remember them now)
[*]Paladin: The true warrior of light, it diferent from the Crusader that its more focus on Magic rather than physical damage, uses heavy armor as well
  • In RM the class can be prety much an underpower withe mage, heals, protecs very weakly, but at low cost, also deal light magic damage.
  • As a personal Desing, i've make the protectives skill of the class to increase a variable, and the damage skills to spend this variable, the more protectives skills you use, the more powerfull the next damage skill becomes.
    The formula example is:  (a.atk * X + (v[Y] ) - b.def * X) can be used on VX, VX Ace and MV
[*]General/War Chief:  From the Fire Embles series, i had an idea about a class that controls the general flow of the battle, He dosent center on the enemy, but rather on your allies, high def but low atack
  • In RM they can be inmune to a bunch of states by firts hand, they also can increase(or normalize) the stats of the group by prety much no cost at all
[*]Mercenary/Champion/Gladiator:  A warrior that fights only for his/her personal glory, can uses ANY weapon
  • In RM they can equipo any weapong, also any armor, averege stats in general, centering on atack, in VX, VX Ace and MV you can also set a skill for each of the weapons the class uses,
  • Aditionaly, the class can double the icome of gold as well since it fits the theme.
  • Aditionaly using Yanfly's Skill Core Plug in for MV or Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager for VX Ace you can set the Skills of the class to cost gold
[*]Monk/Martial Artist/Master: A class that center on the use of fits or its bare hands if you wish, as the berzerler they have quite hight health as well and atack, but low defense, in adition to only use light armor
  • This warriors can control their minds, so nothing can scare them, in RM you can give the inmunity to some states, they also can use a lot of multiple atacks,
  • Aditionaly, they can normalize their own stats easiy
  • As a personal Desing, i've copy Udyr from League of Legends fighting style, the class has some battle stances, once he uses one instance, the other instances are desactivated.
    Examples of this stances can be: Tiger - More atack and double atack, Bear - More defense and Counter Atack,, Wolf - Evation and speed
[*]Amost but not there yet...
  • Samurai: I havent found yet a style of theme that can fit the class
  • Dragon Knight/Dragon Born:  He ca breath dragon fire!, thats something i guess...
  • Defender: A class who uses a giant shield... yeah, no much there yet...
  • Blacksmith: Yeah a blacksmisth fighting, you see that.
[*]Aditional Tools for the classesMagical Branch

Coming soon..

Agility Branch

Coming soon..

Misc Branch

Coming soon..

For now this are some examples, if you wish i can be doing the rest of the classes, dont forget that you can contribute as well.


Aug 3, 2012
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Mar 14, 2012
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Though there's one thing that i am sure no one has discussed before ksjp17. Characters with unique classes that they can use. considering FFT  has done this with special guest characters and some playable ones.

I do wonder how this can be handled in VXace or MV. As well as how to balance this especially when subclasses come into play.


Mage of Thunder
Mar 24, 2012
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One class idea I want to try is everyone gets their three seperate subclasses with the same goal in mind, one specializing in Offense, Defense then Utility.

So your Warrior can be a Offensive Warrior gaining power skills, a Defensive Warrior to defend his allies, or a Utility warrior to Boost stats / status effects

Your Mage can be offensive granting a bunch of AoE spells, a defensive where they throw up magical shields, or Utility as slowing foes does, raising your Speed

stuff like that with your main class having a little bit of skills from all the subclasses.

Then again this runs into the problem of: Throw everyone into Offense for Normal Battles, Throw people with good Utility into that tree and everyone else offense.

Or just subclass what each class does better then the others.

ex: Priest Offense drastically raises their attack, but defense raises whole parties defense, and Utility is an AoE Heal [priest is always gonna go utility]

while Knight Offense is Single Target Damage, Defense applies Guard to whole party, and Utility removes status effects. [knight is always gonna go defense and mabe utility]
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Dec 6, 2015
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Hey there!

I`m doing my first game,  based on a original history that I have published locally.

I have a dozen of playable characters that follow up the main Character, and each of them represents a feeling, and have a unique class into the game.

The most intuitive is Humility, a playable character with the samurai class.

My samurai class have a hint of divinity, but it's most physical damage and he is based on the basic kendo techniques names, like head hit, body hit, left arm hit, etc, but with the Japanese names for each one. He is also a tank when he is using the Batou instance, where he increases his def and Mdef and decreases his ATK. His "ultimate" is called along the lines of " the path of the sword" that is a 5 slash physical atk with the light element. 

Another cue is my Main character Sidekick, that is not based on a feeling (at first guess) Adisha, he is a long lived young priest (does not age, since he is condemned by the gods) and his class is GodCaller, he is a Mage that uses sacrificial daggers as a focus and summon the god's will. One of the Godcaller class skills has a chance of causing death on his enemies since he ask the gods to banish that soul.

I think the lore MUST be one of the more important things when you design classes, because unless you are aiming for a hardcore audience, the player will empathize more with something he think it's cool than simply overpowered or good.


Oct 24, 2015
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Does anyone ever design a class system/battle system with a more science fiction or modern design? The finer details need some work, but here is an example of one I was thinking of last year to fit into a near Modern setting, (with some 'fantasy' worked in so medics aren't pointless)

This is for a front view graphical battle system. Instead of damage types, Light/Medium/Heavy armor and different agility stats, the major mechanic that makes each class different is what distance from the enemy they are most effective. There are 4 distances, from Point-Blank range, to Close range, to Medium range, to Long range. In the system I planned, the size/scale of the Battler determines the distance so you can judge distances from enemies. Some battlers exist only as obstacle cover for other actual enemies. Your character class and weapon determines your effective distance you can attack, with varying damage and accuracy penalties for shooting outside that range. Each character class can equip various Primary Weapons and Secondary Weapons. While all classes have the ability to deal damage at any range, their effectiveness at any given range is determined by their character class and the primary weapons they can equip. Secondary weapons are more fluid.

Fireteam Leader (Support/Buffs)- Equipped with Combat Rifles, which are effective at close to medium range. Also carries a Sidearm, which is effective at point-blank range. Issues orders to the rest of the team, raising their focus and accuracy, and decreasing their chances of being hit with status effects. Is also able to equip a Blast Shield, which allows the leader to cover himself or an ally from damage, but it takes away the Leader's primary weapon and main method of dealing damage.

Commando (Point-Blank/Close Range)- Is most effective at Point-blank and close ranges, as they can equip Shotguns, and Submachine Guns. Shotguns deal considerable damage at point-blank range, but are ineffective at medium and long ranges. Submachine guns work at point-blank, close, and medium ranges, but are most effective at close ranges. They can also equip Sidearms, and Grenades.

Grenadier (Nuker) - Equipped with Combat Rifles. Can also equip the Grenade Launcher attachment (like equipping a secondary weapon mechanically), which can effectively launch explosives at close, medium, and long ranges. At point-blank ranges, grenade launcher rounds can still fire and deal damage, but may harm the user. Is also able to equip Rocket Launchers, to take out tough enemies from close, medium, and long ranges They are also able to equip Grenades as a secondary weapon, which must be thrown. effective at close and medium range.

Machine Gunner  (Close Range /Support/Debuffs)- Equips Light Machine Guns, which are most effective at close range. Are mainly used to apply supressive fire, which disorients enemies, and will cause them to miss their shots or make bad decisions in combat. They are also able to equip Grenades as a secondary weapon.

Marksman (Long Range)- Is the only class able to equip Sniper Rifles, which deal considerable damage at Medium and especially long ranges, but entirely useless at close and point-blank range. Also carries a Sidearm, which is effective at point-blank range. Can also equip Combat Rifles to attack at closer ranges.

Combat Medic (Healer)- Support Unit. Equipped with Combat Rifles. heals and supports the team using their medical training. Can equip a Healing Ray for more effective healing, but loses the ability to deal any damage. Their secondary weapon are Medi-Kits, which will boost their healing ability as well as open up different healing skills depending on what they have.

Field Engineer (or Sapper) (General Support)- Support Unit. Equipped with Combat Rifles. Carries extra supplies so your team isn't left with no ammo. Is also able to equip Rocket Launchers, to take down obstacles and enemy cover at close, medium, and long ranges, but cannot be used at point blank range. Instead, at point blank range, can use Plastic Explosives to breach doors and walls, and may occasionally stick one to an unaware enemy. Can also carry a sidearm and Grenades. Any explosive can destroy obstacles to destroy enemy cover, but due to their training, Engineers get a damage bonus when attacking obstacles and vehicles., but don't deal as much damage to living enemies.
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