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    I am looking for parts that either updated Iliketea's Commoner Clothing or added more options for females, kids, and males. I use RMMV and found the lack of clothes for NPCs to be disheartening. Some of my characters go through a change over time, and I would like to show different clothing on the sprites and battler sprites, or are of a certain class that requires specific clothing choices. So, while Iliketea made some amazing generator parts, some just didn't really work with the Face Set pictures, and the battler and down sprites were naked. These are issues I would like to have fixed because I kind of want a prince/princess in my party in my game, and it would be great if they could dress the part.

    As for the "more options" portion of this request, I need pirate outfits, slave outfits, a circlet, and Genie/Ancient Arabian outfits. Naturally, this should have pictures for Face, SV, TV, TVD, and Variation folders. For the pirates, it should be a pirate hat, coat and pants, shorts without a shirt, peg leg, and maybe even a parrot accessory (AccA preferably). For slaves, anything that looks like rags and no shoes. I would also like another accessory (AccA preferably), a circlet, which can be a simple gold/silver band that goes around one's head to show royal status or it can be intricate and adorn with jewels. I would like a simple band around the head for the male, a simple band with a single jewel for the female, and both options for kids. Lastly, the Genie/Ancient Arabian outfits should look like the pictures below, since I don't really know how to describe them properly here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I will, of course, give you credit in my game for making these generator parts for me. Thank you in advance for all of your help.
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