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Legacy Retro Games Introduces:
Code: Paradox Remix

(The demo Version got 48th out of 330 in the people's choice at IGMC 2018)
(Please note that all images are early work and are not indicative of the final work.)
(The Demo Version was completely scrapped, this is rebuilt from the ground up, do not base what you saw in the demo to make a decision on this new version, only certain story elements remain)

Hello and welcome to the new and improved Code: Paradox Remix! After several months of designing, programming and writing, we are happy to introduce the first chapter of Code: Paradox Remix.
Welcome to Acadia
A fully realized open world with all new towns and many undiscovered locations. The more you play, the more of Acadia becomes open to you. The image above is only 1/4th of the anticipated world

Choose Your Scenario
Select a character to play through a entirely new introduction to that character’s backstory and their unique abilities. Do you want to use Tyler’s pickpocket skill, or Mark’s brute force to knock down walls? Use them all in interesting combinations to survive the terrors of the Zetra Corporation.

At several points in the game your characters will be separated from each other. Learn to work together and alone as you hone your skills in dangerous modern day locations.

And Now Introducing…
We decided the world outside of battle needed much more interactivity, so we’ve taken a cue from Dungeons and Dragons and implemented a skill check system. Performing difficult or dangerous tasks will require you to pass a check of your current abilities. Whether it’s convincing a Zetra soldier that you’re not who they’re looking for, sneaking through an enemy base, or climbing a cliff, you may need to pass a check to see if you are successful. Usually these will only open up the way to better circumstances, but a few may hurt you or force you to fight a battle you could have escaped. These abilities can be improved over time but in the end, some bad luck can leave you failing.
Thank you!
We liked the world of Code Paradox as much as you and decided to spruce it up with everything that we enjoyed from gaming throughout our lives. This is as much a testament to old games as it is to our fans that have followed us along this journey. We hope to continue to give you more stories and content from Code Paradox as soon as Summer 2019. So keep following us to get the latest from Code Paradox: Remix and more!

(I will update both here and on, this game is still in early development)
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If so, here's art of Shiloh, the main protagonist of the game i'm making:20220807_181702.jpg
They are meant to be ambiguous in gender, like Frisk from Undertale or Gogo from FFVI. I haven't decided what their age will be yet. Any ideas?
Please comment what you think about the art and design!
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Calf survival story with a happy ending.
well here's that concept art!
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