Feb 4, 2019
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Colony Gaia
Warning: Marxism, undertones of social politics, some adult themes

Colony Gaia is a satirical indie RPG taking place in a far future where genetically-engineered technology has become the primary form of technology of ordinary people.

This is super early in development so expect screenshots to be full of placeholders and half-finished art. Also, screenshots do not do my best scenes any justice

Thousands of years ago, the world has been an arena of globalized capitalism. The Old Empire ruled the world, headquartering GaiaCorp, the most successful business in all of recorded history.

The success of GaiaCorp's advancements in robotic technology meant the gradual replacement of human labor with robots, and ostracization of the working class from participation in the economy. Riots broke out. The Old Empire split into multiple warring factions. Factories were seized, technology was stolen.

Of the warring factions that tore the Old Empire apart, two eventually became nations at constant political tug-of-war since the beginning. The Socialists/Communists, versus the Fascists/Nazis: The Solar Society Socialist Republic (SSSR) against the Yuumerian Constitutional Alliance (YCA).

Over the thousands of years since the civil war and the founding of the SSSR, the SSSR has built a system which every single piece of technology is genetically engineered. Gaiacorp, headquartered in the YCA, still continues its long tradition of robotics and has begun to compete with the SSSR for land and resources, threatening the well-being of ordinary people once again.

You play as a military citizen of the SSSR, born and bred as a weapon of war, a tool of the state as a means to their ends, and ultimately its own survival in a competitive, global political arena.

How will you handle challenges much bigger than you are?

(I don't know the right writing style for this this section so bear with me)
  • Unique setting and experimental biopunk genre
  • Story-driven gameplay. Dialogue choices impacts character development!
  • Decide the fate of your home country!
  • Help end the Jim Crow laws that oppress crowkind! (or not?)
  • NPC's will remember how you treat them!
  • No random encounters - all encounters are events on the map
  • Protagonists get two skill trees, unlocked by equipping one of their two weapon classes
  • Plant a variety of engineered organisms on the field that can assist with battles from a distance!
  • Cynical tone and sarcastic sense of humor.
  • A wide diversity of NPC's and personalities, from mundane to hilariously cringeworthy insanity

Introducing the Act I antagonist:
Yuumerian Vending Machines introducing unwanted market competition in the Solar Society:
This kid wants to be a fighter because that's what he sees growing up.
The Act I antagonist has a looney parent:
The first boss has Cancer in its name:
Meet the guy in charge of enforcing law and order:

  • Aryx - Asexually reproduced out of a test tube, they are a genetically engineered human with only one sole purpose: to fight. Their recklessness, hot temper, and their naivety frequently puts them at odds with authority figures and ultimately their own safety.
  • Kaisar - A loyal agent of the state, their expertise across many fields often puts them in leadership positions which their quiet demeanor is not prepared for.
  • Sagh - A diehard patriot, and an abrasive know-it-all, this ambitious expert sharpshooter may be in waay over their head.

In this far future setting, there are several key features:
  • This story will focus between two nations, which are local powers: the Solar Society Socialist Republic (SSSR), and the Yuumerian Constitutional Republic(YCA), both representing socialism and fascism respectively. People from the SSSR may be referred to as Solarians. Yuumerian is short for 'Euro-American'
  • Several nations, have developed infrastructure based entirely on organic technology, including the protagonist's home country, the SSSR. Though the products are generally inferior to that made with traditional manufacturing technology, the popularity of organic technology is due to its ability to replicate itself so the working class does not require training or education or even equipment to be able to manufacture their tech.
  • Humans are no longer the only sapient species. Crows have also reached this level, even using human speech. However, they live mostly parasitic lives in human society and are learning to use human politics to fight their their dignity.
  • Due to the long history of human dominance, most life has either domesticated to some degree or have adapted to be parasitic to human society.
  • Everyone is the same race being all the same skin and hair color. Tan skin for sun and UV protection, white hair due to it being the most versatile for being dyeble to any color.
  • Multiple human species exist (and yes, they are all paradoxically, considered the same race). Some individuals are also their own species due to the flexability of genetic engineering.
Features of the Solar Society:
  • The Solar Society is composed of a single central showcase city with multiple outposts spread about its territory. Most of this country is a dense jungle of cooperating, symbiotic plant, fungal and animal species . Every plant species collects solar energy, food resources and minerals for the Solar Society, fungal and animal species are engineered to maintain this solar collection system and perform other functions.
  • The solar collection system all pool its resources into a 'life web' where all the products produced are distributed to all humans and other life forms that it supports.
  • Citizenship is not a birthright, but an explicit contract between the state and the citizen, signed every four years. If you disagree with the state, you're not part of the state.
  • Work and housing are guaranteed by the state. If a citizen does not have work or housing, they are given work and housing.
  • Time is literally money in the SSSR. Rejecting traditional money, Solarians use an alternative system of money which people's labor is measured by how long they work, and the worth of (most) commodities are measured by the amount of labor contained in said commodity. If you work one hour, you get one hour's worth of money. If a commodity was made with one hour's worth of labor, it is worth one hour's worth of money. However, due to this system being imperfect (e.g. how do you compensate for low-quality products nobody wants?), this monetary system is only used as a guideline.
  • Gender expression is considerably more lax. Expect gender-ambiguous clothing and forcing yourself to use gender-neutral language to avoid making any mistakes.

Features of the Yuumerian Alliance:
  • Built on a fascist philosophy that "different groups of people get along best with their own kind and therefore should stay within their own kind", the Yuumerian alliance is split up into multiple city-states each being a homeland of different cliques. Each city-state is surrounded by a near-impassible wall, passable only by through strict immigration customs separating neighborhoods from each other.
  • They are ruled by law, not by imperfect police men and women that can cause inconsistencies or double-standards. Law is enforced by perfectly logical robot police.
  • Citizenship is not a birthright, which city-state which you are a citizen of is computer-algorithmically generated based on your genetics. If you are your own species, you probably do not have citizenship. Period.
  • Unemployment is illegal. If you don't have a job, you are given a job. Homelessness is also illegal which is punished by throwing you into jail (which by default gives you a home).
  • Their restrooms are segregated to one of two genders. To most readers this is perfectly normal, except Aryx, the main protagonist, lacks a reproductive system and thus will be punished by perfectly-logical police robots for using either restroom.

Features of the Libertytown: (I may or may not bother to add this setting to the game but will be a low-effort jab at libertarianism)
  • A city state which half the population are furries, often with animal-like phenotypes built into their own genetics by choice by their parents.
  • There is no city-planning so Libertytown is an unavigable maze.
  • Roads are owned by property owners. What results is one section being clear, but another section may be overgrown or have random sheds built on top.
  • If you are jobless or homeless, you're on your own.
  • There is no concept of citizenship, because you are your own sovereign body.
  • It's legal for a 4-year-old to own a gun. To disagree will cause complaints on telling people what they can and cannot do with their kids.
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Sep 22, 2013
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This has the right amount of quirkiness to make it a great game. I hope you stick with it.


Feb 4, 2019
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This has the right amount of quirkiness to make it a great game. I hope you stick with it.
Quirkiness is one of my strong points. I will keep this in mind as I keep going!

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