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    First of all, I use all the plugins of Yanfly, (and of MoG / Galv, but they have no effect on my question.)

    Plugins concerned : Buff & States Core/Battle Engine Core I guess

    What I'm searching : Skill which up ATK +50% for example with command.

    - The only way to add a stats buff is to do it with the game function, either directly in: Skill -> Effects, and there with the Buff / State Core + Visual Effect plugin, you can see the round and the rate defined in the plugin: Buff / State Core.

    - Either directly modify a State (like HP / ATK / ...) with a "state". The problem is that the modification of a State (like HP / ATK / ...) is not seen with Buff / State Core as if it was a buff directly from a skill.

    - My question is therefore, is it possible to command an ATK Buff by choosing its percentage in a Skill? (on command, without the basic function in RPG Maker MV)

    I tried with Target because the effect would come from a Skill. But my attempts did not work.

    Thank you in advance

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