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Mar 2, 2012
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This is where you can announce your completed commercial RPG Maker, IG Maker, and VN Maker games, and provide buy and demo links.

Degica, staff and the RPG Maker forums are not responsible for any illegal content, sales or sale problems.
If you have proof that a developer is doing something illegal, please contact us. Staff may be able to take moderating action (suspension, lock threads, etc).

  • All Forum Rules apply here
  • New threads are subject to moderator approval. If you provide everything listed in the posting guidelines below, it should only take 24 hours for your thread to be approved
  • Your game must be made with a legal version of one of Enterbrain's game engines
  • Posting projects which contain elements of religion, politics and/or sex are allowed, but please provide a disclaimer in the header of your thread. We cannot accept threads for R18+ ("Adult") games, as many children use this forum.
  • You may only advertise your own games
  • Your game must be completed and released (if your game is still being developed, use the Games in Development board instead)
  • You may provide a link to your game's buy/demo page on your personal website or that of your distributor
  • Your demo may be limited by time or by progress
  • Do not ask for free copies of commercial games; do not provide free copies of someone else's commercial game - doing so will result in an instant ban
Please ensure your announcement contains all of the following:
  • Game title and version number
  • Which Engine your game is made with (If you leave this out, your game cannot be approved!)
  • Price
  • Brief information about your game's story and gameplay features
  • Screenshots
  • A link to your game's BUY page, and (optionally) a link to your DEMO
  • If your game is available for affiliate, please provide details (Plimus/BMT/?, contract id, affiliate royalty, etc)
Feel free to provide feedback on games here, if you have played at least the demo. Feedback should be on the game as a whole, rather than the in-depth feedback on individual maps, screens, etc. a developer might get from the Game and Map Screenshots thread.
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