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    For over a decade, the number of Independent Game Developers has increased. And while there are many packages at the disposal for one to create their wares, producers and distributors of Indie Games have chosen to put requirements upon those wishing to enter the commercial field:
    1. A splash page before game start
    2. An options page to control game volume
    3. Game start in Full-Screen Mode
    4. Credits for all in game development

    Designed for RPGMaker XP, this package wishes to sate the desires of software distributors by providing much of the bare-bone features they require. It may not include all features and may not have graphics up to one's personal standard, but it should be a starting point for those wishing to enter the commercial market. And this package contains software by various individuals, rather than from a single scripter. As such, please note and give full credit to these individuals. A credits display is one of the requirements after all.

    • A repaired command_355 script (at no charge)
    • Disabling F1 and the Alt+Enter Full-Screen toggle keys
    • Preventing game freeze if another 'window' is in focus
    • Creation of an actual game configuration file - Full-Screen game mode as a default setting
    • Creation of an actual game data folder to store save-game and configuration data
    • Volume control for both music and sound effects, including battle animation audio
    • More direct control over full-screen and windowed-screen modes
    • Display of one or more splash screens, each with their own duration and audio effects
    • An editable Title Menu Options feature written straight into the field map itself

    Here's the package!

    See the help (.Chm) file for instructions.

    Designed solely for RPGMaker XP. It may conflict with other scripts based on script placement.

    Credits and Thanks
    A package meant to satisfy the needs of game distributors requires many talented people. But who are these individuals, what did they create, and what does their work accomplish? It is here where you get to learn what software was used to develop this package and what individuals wrote the software in question.
    • DerVVulfman
    • Thomas Emebo
    • KK20
    • Jaiden
    • Chainsawkitten
    • PK8
    • Pelip

    Terms of Use
    Based on the apparent terms for all listed scripters, free for use. But for any commercial project, all involved must be given full credit. Otherwise, see the help file for more.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I received information from Pelip that the UserPath module within the package did not function on some PCs.

    Given the error, it appeared that their systems did not contain a registry entry for the Application Path that has been common from Windows XP through to Windows 8.1. And on doing a search online, it appears that my system wasn't alone in this. The issue appears to be a Windows 10 issue.

    As such, research was made to identify the newer registry path and entry which would be acceptable to Windows 10 users, a path that likewise does appear within the Windows 8.1 registry. This new path has been added to the UserPath system.

    This does not mean the older Registry path was removed. On the contrary, that would ignore the usefulness of the older Registry path for PCs using earlier versions of Windows. Both systems work in tandem. As such, if one path was not detected, UserPath would look for the second in its place.

    In the unexpected event that neither these nor the documents folder locations are detected, measures have been put into place to avoid errors. However, this would mean that it may fall back upon the root folder holding both game saves as well as the configuration file. Still, this should be considered a rarity.

    And because of the detection, Pelip (or Andrea87Sky of is now in the credits as a betatester for my UserPath system.
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