Comparison between 2003 and VX


Feb 9, 2020
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Hello, I just want to know between these version. Besides of graphic and pricing, which one is better? The Game I want to made it will use lots of event. Is 2003 better because of retro style and standard option, and also lots of resource that I found in charas project website. Or VX with maybe (Because I never use VX before) had more feature than 2003. For long time ago I use RPG Maker 2003 illegaly, and now I want to buy it on steam

Btw, this account is old account I found and I don't know for what, so I fill the box randomly on that day.


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Nov 15, 2012
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In general the newer engines are better than the older ones. Each engine has something a little unique about it, and that advantage can outweigh the benefits gained from a newer engine, but that's an exception that depends on the individual needs of the user. The biggest advantage 2k3 has is that you can do more with events than you can in later versions. In the newer engines this is replaced with scripting.

What makes things a little complicated is that you're comparing 2k3 with VX. VX isn't a bad engine if you look at it by itself, but it's the black sheep of the family. Everything it can do, Ace does better. Most people who buy VX now either get it because it was on some sort of extreme sale or because they want to be able to use a few resources that you can't when only owning Ace.

Although I do like 2k3 as an engine for its interesting limitations and although it isn't entirely obsolete, it is very old. It's not a good beginner engine anymore. VX in many cases is better than 2k3 but it's 100% obsolete. If you're only ever going to buy one RPG Maker ever, I actually don't recommend either of them. In most cases MZ is the best choice for someone new to owning an RPG Maker, though if you prefer using retro graphics, Ace or XP might suit your needs better.

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