RMMV Compatibility issues with Party Manager / Pretty Sleek Gauges / YEP Skill Core


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Mar 29, 2020
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Hi, I'm having issues getting some plugins to work well together, namely Mr. Trivel's Party Manager, mjshi's Pretty Sleek Gauges, and YEP Skill Core.

I've tested a new project with just those 3 plugins, and found that if Pretty Sleek Gauges is above YEP Skill Core, classes which have their TP gauge hidden will have their MP bar in the party manager be green instead of blue. (It still shows as blue everywhere else). If YEP Skill Core is above Pretty Sleek Gauges, the MP colour in party manager is correctly displayed as blue, but hiding MP or TP bars does not work. Changing the order of the Party Manager plugin doesn't seem to affect anything.

Is there any way I can get these plugins to work together?

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thought I'd upgrade to mz from mv cause of the nice quality of life features but ****ing hell why couldn't they allow old plugins to work in it and secondly how come in over a year since it's release has there been no mz version of something so crucial as a non grid based movement plugin. I guess I'll stick with mv. (why wasnt mz just an update to mv anyway literally nothing substantial changed..)
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