Compatibility patch between VE Dual Wield and HIME Custom Weapon Animations


Jun 23, 2019
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HIME Custom Weapon Animations is a very short and bare-bones plugin snippet by Tsukihime that can be found here:

It works fine, but it does not play nice with Victor's Dual Wield. Depending on the order of plugins, the second weapon is drawn either as default or as the first weapon.

Since HIME Custom Weapon Animation is such a simple snippet, I guess, writing a compat patch would be equally simple and easy. I'm thankful to anyone who tries.

P.S. Please do not tell me that I should use Yanfly's and Ramza's plugins for that. I live in a poor country. The price of those plugins is a price of several loaves of bread for me to eat. I am stuck with free plugins (((

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Hi, I am following your videos tutorials serie about coding on MV and I am at the third video. Thank you for making it but's a bit hard to follow since you don't show the whole plugin at the end. I had to screenshot the lines between 110-159 because you scrolled so fast on them.
I'm not sure if I should be happy for MZ, or sad for MV.
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