[Compatibility Request] Yanfly Battle Popups with Moghunter's Battle Camera

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    Currently it works just fine, but the battle popups stay in one place in the screen while the camera moves around. Is it possible to make the popups move along with the screen, just like the rest of Moghunter's scripts?

    The two scripts:

    Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine (which includes said popups)

    Moghunter's Battle Camera (Also includes demo and said enemy HP bar script)

    Please and thank you!

    EDIT: Compatibility issues with Battle Engine Ace just popped up, ignoring the order the scripts are in. If it's below the battle engine, the camera will move while targetting, but it will crash after everyone picked their order. If it's above the battle engine, it won't crash, but the camera will not move while targetting. It also crashes when a party member uses a group heal. ("undefined method '[]' for nil:NilClass" for both) I can't seem to see what's making the problem. If anyone can help, it'd be appreciated.

    EDIT2: adding "if @bc_coxy != nil" before the offending line seemed to prevent it from crashing, but not sure if it breaks anything else.
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