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Welcome to the RGSS3 Scripts forum! If you are a scripter and you wish to share your scripts with the world, please read the submission guidelines below.

For script requests, direct posts to the appropriate forum based on what Maker you're using:

For help with script errors/related issues and similar matters, post in the script support forum:

For W.I.P script critique on using any version of RGSS, there is a forum dedicated for it:

For general questions regarding RGSSx or learning Ruby itself, head over to:

Script Submission Guidelines

Submitting A Completed Script
Original written by SilentBackstabber, edited by Mr. Bubble

The purpose of this thread is to provide a template and some instruction to help you effectively present your script the best way you can. Keep in mind that the template provided in this topic is simply an example. You may style your topics as you wish as long as it is readable and coherent.

IMPORTANT: If you have posted a script not made by you then make sure you receive permission from the script creator to post such script in the forum. We take this very seriously.

Full Template

Here is a full template on how to make an attractive thread for your script. Instruction is found after the template(and the example):

Script Name+Version Number
Creator name

Script description/usage goes here. Be descriptive and try to give as much general information as possible.

Provide a description or summary of your script's functionality.

Including a screen shots of your script in-game is helpful. This does not apply to all scripts, specially to those which don't have any visual effect.

How to Use
Give instructions on how to install and use the script. Also, make sure that you include the instructions in the script header(together with the version number and your name) so that the user can consult it when needed).

Make an empty project and include the script and extra resources(graphic, etc...). Make sure that you configure the demo to showcase all feature(or at least the max possible). Some script don't require demo cause they are just plug and play, so these script don't require a demo. Also, make sure that you include a couple of old version of the demo(for older version of the script), these do come handy in several situation.

Make sure that you place your script using the code feature, do not use quotes. Again, if spoiler tag is available in the future then use the spoiler tag together with the code tag.

Place your script in code tag like this!
If you place your script in quotes then this might happen: [IMG][/IMG]
This is due to the board formatting smilies as images, and due to the nature of coding, there are bound to be a few lines that the board interprets as a emoticon. The code tags and other BB Code formatting can be found here, as a saved web page:>>click<<
Post question and answers to common question here in the following format:

Q: The demo won't open, how to open it?
A: Download Winrar and try again.

Credit and Thanks
- Include your name first
- Credit people which have help you in making the script.
- Remember the gold rule: Give credit where it is due!

Author's Notes
This is optional.
Template Example 1.1a
by SilentBackstabber​
This template will help you to make a better presentation for your script. This is purely optional but will help to create a standard which in return will help user to quickly find the required info on your script.

- Easy to use.
- Makes your script presentation cool.
- Will help me in the conquest of the world. [IMG][/IMG]

Screen 1: You get the idea right?
Screen 2: You don't really need real screenies for this example...
How to Use
Put above main and below everything else... sounds cliche... lol.

Demo 1.1a

Older Demos:
Demo 1.0
Demo 0.8

Script1+1==2... [IMG][/IMG]
Q: The demo won't open, how to open it?
A: You actually download it? How?!?

Q: Who should i credit?
A: Check the section below FTW.

Credit and Thanks
- SilentBackstabber
- To all guys and girls who are contributing to this community!

Author's Notes
Have fun!
Extra Info
I have uploaded the template with all the formatting in a text file, you can get it: HERE.

Uploading Screen Shots,, and are popular image hosting services. Upload all your images/screen shots as needed.

Uploading a demo
Upload all your demos and files at a reliable hosting website. Currently, you can't go wrong with either (is very download-friendly), or, both of which offer 100MB uploads which is large enough for demos and even most full games created with RPG Maker!

I'll update this thread and the template when needed. Use the template, you have nothing to lose!

Regarding Script Submissions Not Made by You and Translated Scripts

If you post a script that is not made by you, make sure you have permission to post it elsewhere unless otherwise stated. You should also properly credit the original author.

There are many scripts on the internet, not just in English. We understand that there may be a demand for these scripts to be translated into English. However, we also take attribution of resources here very seriously. Just because you cannot read or find a scripter's terms of use does not mean it does not exist. Being ignorant not exempt you from their terms.

In other words, you must get permission from the original author in order to redistribute their script(s) on this forum unless their terms of use says otherwise.

If you submit a script that was translated from another language (assuming you have the permission to do so), it must be localized into coherent English. In other words, don't submit a script that you churned through Google Translate or some other online translator without actually proof-reading it in any way. We can see right through that crap. That is disrespectful to the script's author and confusing for all other users.
Regarding Scripts Hosted Elsewhere

We allow script topics here to redirect to other places where the script can be found such as blogs, websites, etc. Please have your links direct towards the actual script's page, not just the main webpage.

Regarding Plagiarism

Much like the rules for every other resource on this forum, plagiarism is a bannable offense here. No exceptions. Just don't do it.

Scripts that require payment for usage

Any and all scripts that require payment for non-commercial usage must go to the Classifieds forum
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