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Sep 2, 2013
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Hey all, it's been awhile! Over the years I have gathered a number of awesome facesets by various people but sadly not all of them had a matching sprite to go with it (or it was taken down, or I didn't like it lol). So I made some of my own using Game Character Hub, various custom generator parts others graciously posted online, and a bit of my own editing! They're not fantastic, but I figured I'd share them in case anybody else could use them. I will post links beneath each one linking to the matching faceset and any external resources I used to create the sprite. Please be sure to credit me and them as well if you use these, and obey their terms and conditions! Enjoy!

P.S. If any of the original creators of these facesets or generator parts wish me to remove these sprites, message me and I will remove them as soon as possible. I take no credit for the facesets these sprites were created for! P.P.S. Spriting is hard. @_@

1. Damiel by Closet (child base sprite by Flaming Teddy Productions)

$Damiel Sprite.png

Child Base: (scroll down to bottom of page)

2. Alamis/Aramis by Soramani (ponytail by Lunara)



3. Atos by Soramani (mustache is by Lunara as well and I edited it, though I think it may just be a recolor of the default RTP in which case I do not know if credit to her is necessary)


Mustache: same link as ponytail

4. Female RTP Prince by Soramani (I sense a pattern here...)

femprince sprite.png

5. Witch by Soramani

Purple Witch.png

6. Black Pixiecut Girl by Earth Shine Crescent Moon

$Black Pixiecut Girl.png


7. Eskimo by Earth Shine Crescent Moon

$Eskimo Sprite.png

Link: same as above

8. Black dude with sunglasses (because there are not enough people of color in RPG Maker) by Gorillaman

$Black Dude.png


9. Blue-haired girl by Gorillaman

$Smart Blue-haired Girl.png

Link: same as above

10. Secretary/office woman? by Gorillaman

Secretary inspired by secretary faceset.png
Link: same as above

11. Conman/Businessman by Janai/"Not"

$Conman Sprite.png

Link:企画・記念素材/?pageNo=4 (scroll down)

12. Emo Teen by Soruve (ponytail by Lunara)

$Emo Teen.png

Link: (scroll down)

And that's about it! Like I said feel free to use these however you like, commercial or non-commercial, just be sure to give me and the original creators' credit! Also be sure to follow their terms of use! This last sprite, Emo Teen, was a ***** to edit lol. I tried to go for sort of shaven/fade cut hair by shading the top of the head. Kinda like a faux hawk. Also I had to edit the arms because they were sticking out of the hoodie, so now it looks more like he's got his hands in his pockets like your stereotypical emo teen. Making child sprites is hard, because I basically had to shrink some of the adult clothing and hair and get it to fit on the child base. There's very few resources specifically for making custom children. Damiel is wearing a white tunic (actually a female poor dress from the RTP), as befitting of an angel and also because it was the only clothing item without sleeves. Due to the child sprite's walking animation being different from the adult one, sleeves are kind of a no-go unless you're very good at editing, which I am not. XD

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