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Should there be a contest of this kind?

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Nov 5, 2013
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First, this should be the right place to post about this but if it is not, I'd like to be corrected!  ;)

So, I have been tossing this idea in my mind for a while now. This goes to all my fellow composers on this forum. I wish to conduct a competition pilot here on the RPG Maker forum for all of us composers! Here is the deal...

This being a pilot and aiming to see if there is enough interest for such on this forum, there is NO ENTRY FEE this time around. Now IF this concept, program, competition, catches some wind under it's wings I will set up a nominal entry fee. The total sum -10% of the entry income will be the prize for the winner. That 10% will go to developing the concept. In the future I'd be expanding the contest outside this forum.

I will set up an e-mail address where the entries can be sent. IF the competition takes off and the entry fee becomes necessary I will set up a PayPal account for the money traffic.

This will not be a competition of sound quality. This will be a contest of musicality, of originality and craft. You can create amazing music using just Microsoft MIDI or SoundFonts. This will not be a contest of tools. This will be a contest of skill. Not a contest of machines but a contest of people. So whether you use East West/Quantum Leap Hollywood or Vienna Symphonic Library, you are welcome to enter. Whether you are using MuseScore and it's built in sound engine or Guitar Pro's Realistic Sound Engine, tag along. Even if you are using MIDI Maker. This is for you.

I will give a theme, a scene, feeling, emotion or a message that the music needs to convey. To qualify the duration must be 2-3 minutes; no more, no less. What happens in that time is for you to decide, dear composer. Also the piece must be a new composition that has never been released and will not be released by the composer before the competition is over.

To determine the winner of the competition, I will first listen through all of the entries and narrow down the list. Then I will release a playlist on SoundCloud of my picks as potential winners and post it here on the forum with a poll. In the playlist you will see the name of the composer and the name of the piece. The same info will be in the poll and then you, dear members of the forum will get to decide who was the most successful. Optionally if this seems/feels too complicated, I can decide the winner by myself. I would prefer the first but the latter will be fine too.

Since there is no money prize coming this time, what will the winner get? Fame and publicity on the forum, yes. Well I love writing thorough reviews and counseling composers with their work. I will write a review of the winning piece for the composer's learning and development and I will offer myself as a second set of ears for the next soundtrack she/he is going to make.

So how does this sound? Yes? No? Further ideas or wishes of development?


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Nov 15, 2012
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Competitions aren't allowed to be run by forum members but you can suggest a competition to a moderator.  If they are willing to run it if you don't come through they can suggest it as a forum wide competition.  (Before you ask, no, I'm not willing.)
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