Comprehensive Piano Roll, MIDI CC, Working With Sample Libraries in a DAW, Making Music With a Computer


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Jun 16, 2015
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Recently I've created a handful of tutorials for those who are looking to get into making music using DAW software. There are 5 parts, I've included samples, I use Reason 11 but all of the principles apply to any DAW software (Logic, Reaper, Fruityloops, Pro Tools, Cakewalk or Reason) you might use and any sample library you might use.

Remember that Cakewalk by Bandlab, previously Cakewalk Sonar, used to be $600 and now it's full version is free of charge even for commercial projects, so I highly recommend using it if you're a beginner.

I've tried to include a lot of the knowledge I've learned after using DAW software for over 15 years. If you're beginning with piano roll and midi, make sure to listen to each video from beginning to end as all of the knowledge and tips build on themselves one at a time.

The first three videos start out with talking about what piano roll and midi cc is, the second goes into a simple example song, the third goes into working with multiple softwares (Cakewalk, Reaper and Reason in this case).

The fourth is about the advantages of using piano roll over writing purely with digital notation, and the fifth goes into taking a midi file, prepping it for use with an orchestral library, and using an orchestral library in your DAW software.

For the tutorials I don't use high quality samples like East West, 8Dio, Spitfire or VSL Vienna, but when these principles are applied to these high quality libraries the results can be stunning.


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