Dec 30, 2016
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Greetings all! I'm looking for help with a map for the game I'm working on. Interestingly, I'm not trying to get traditional mapper tasks, or even parallax. I'm looking for a concept drawing of a map of the key city of my game. I don't mind taking that concept and building out my RPGMaker-specific game maps based on it, but every time I sit down to make it myself, I'm hitting some kind of weird block. I just need something that I can draw on to determine location of key landmarks and regions, and how I'll put together the actual in-game maps that the player will traverse.

I've got a few details about the place below, but if anybody would like to take this on, you are welcome to take additional creative liberty (IE: If you think of something that fits the theme/flavor and want to add it in, go for it!). Shops,

Resource Type - Map/Art
RPGMaker Version - N/A
Art Style - Doesn't matter, although if the map is pretty, I'll feature it directly in the game.

Here's some details about the town, and about some of the landmarks I'd like to see on the concept map.
Wake is an unforgiving place. It is a gothic village where the inhabitants are toying with the idea of establishing true "high" culture and a cohesive population, although this attempt has always met with failure.

More, than just a collection of buildings, it is a torment. A prison. A curse. It is its own special hell that pulls in 27 new inhabitants each year during the Season of Light. The people come from a variety of worlds and indeed all walks of life. As such, the appearance of the town often takes on an almost ramshackle aesthetic to account for differences of its own inhabitants. It houses about 250-300 people total, with 27 new faces magically appearing on the Platform during the Season of Light.

The general state is poor. There are a few areas where the wealthy live in luxury compared to the poor, but this doesn't happen often as few survive long enough to enjoy great luxury.

Fewer than half survive each year. The dangers of Wake are pronounced and claim almost as many heads per year as there are arrivals.

Key Landmarks
The Dusty Rose Inn – This is the primary tavern/inn for Wake. As per the Lord’s Will, it houses each year’s new arrivals for a few weeks while they get their bearings. Of course, after the Lord’s Will has been appeased, most patrons would find the rent unsupportable. Its barkeep Nyfear is rumored to be a terrible undead seeking to capture enough forbidden knowledge to find a way free of Wake.

The Long Winter - The rival tavern to the Dusty Rose. This place is run more like a mafia hangout, governed by the vicious criminal Curahee Winter. It takes on the appearance of a bunch of houses and shacks that have been joined together (in a progressively growing web of buildings).

Church of the Formless God – Most religions wither and die in Wake, but the Church of the Formless God continues to gain new patrons every year. Led by Father Malachi, the Church promises hope and absolution to its followers… Something the people of Wake desperately seek.

The Scratch – This is a great river that divides the city of Wake into two parts… Wake and Ruin. Once per year (just after the season of Light), the river runs red… As it returns to normal, the new arrivals make it.

Ruin – Most of Wake is populated on one side of the Scratch. However, most don’t speak of what lurks on the other side of the river, except to call it Ruin. Ruin is like a town unto itself, but it is populated only by damned (and angry) spirits.

The Magistrate’s Hall – I don’t have a better name for this, but it’s a pertinent landmark. This is the place where the Magistrate reviews the Book of Law and the Lord’s Mandates to assign tasks for the year. This is the most administrative of buildings.

The Keep – Each year during the Season of Dark, the people of Wake gather into this keep. Inside, they are faced with challenges and struggles, but the worthy will survive. The river should flow through/near this place.

Old Red – This blind prophet lives somewhere in town, but little is known about him. He wears a blindfold indicating his lack of sight, but little else is known about him save this: He never goes into the keep during the Season of Dark.

The Platform – Likewise, don’t have a better name. This is the yearly arrival point for the new people to awaken and find themselves in this hell.

Town Square – There should be some form of gathering point for the people.

Waterfront – Most of the dwellings in Wake are abandoned, but Waterfront represents the houses that literally line the edge of the town. Even just after new arrivals, people will avoid finding homes in this area because of the terrible things they see in Ruin, just across the river.

Let me know if anybody is interested, and thank-you in advance!

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