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Jan 11, 2014
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TDW Conditional Map Encounters - v 1.00


Intro - If you are making a game that has weak monsters while your player is weak, wouldn't it be nice if that same area had totally different monsters when they came back much stronger? With this plugin, you can set certain Conditions that, when true, will allow for new Troops to appear. Also, step counts can be affected by Conditions as well, allowing for the possibility to make enemies appear more often later in a game.


- Create multiple Javascript code Conditions to be utilized for Encounters/Steps.

- Allows you to set Encounters to occur only when certain defined Conditions are true.

- Allows you to change encounter Steps to be any number when certain defined Conditions are true.

- Includes IsGreaterThan() and IsLessThan() functions to be used when making conditions (since < and > will break it)

How To Use - Download, place in your js file, and install under most other plugins! After that, set up Conditions on a Map as per the instructions.

Parameters: None.

Note Tags 

All tags are placed in a map's Notebox.

<Condition x: y> Where x is the Condition ID (used later) and y is the condition. The condition can be any Javascript code. For < or > functions, IsGreaterThan(x,y) will return true if x > y, and IsLessThan(x,y) will return true if x < y.

<Conditional Encounter: TroopId, Weight, ConditionId, Region1(, Region2,...)>

TroopId - The ID of the Troop you wish to encounter

Weight  - The weight of the Troop you wish to encounter

ConditionId - The ID of the condition you wish to be checked as defined in the above Condition tags

Region1, Region2, etc - Any number after ConditionId will be treated as a Region number where the encounters can occur. Separate each of them with a comma. You can place as many different <Conditional Encounter:...> tags in the Notebox as you wish.

<Conditional Steps: StepCount, ConditionId>

StepCount - The step count that will take hold if it's condition is true (Lower StepCount, more frequent encounters).

ConditionId - The ID of the condition you wish to be checked as defined in the above Condition tags

Future Plans - If any issues arise, I will try to fix them. Will take suggestions for any additional customizations.

Change Log:

Version 1.00:
 - Initial release

Terms of Use - Free for commercial and non-commercial use. Feel free to credit: wrigty12 or Tyler Wright

Download Link Here

Note - I am a beginner in the ways of making plug-ins and in JavaScript. If there is anything you see wrong, could be improved, or bugs you find, just let me know.


Nov 8, 2015
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This is actually really neat. I'm surprised nobody else has bothered to comment! Good job, wrigty!

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