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Jul 25, 2013
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Description of the Feature:
The "Move Event" command was designed, I believe, targeting scenes with fixed and predefined routes. It would be of great use if it also allowed varied movements, and could be used in mini-games and the like. Excluding:

Currently the command has the option of "Stop if Impossible", that finishes the movement if there are blocks in the route. This option only cuts the motion. What if, instead of cutting it, he could continue it? An example:

Start movement:

      Move right
      Move right

Impossible case:

      Move left
      Check passability of the board in front, left and right
      Stop route

The idea is to make the "Move Event" a condition or add a condition to the "Move Event". Make the command "smart". He would ignore how many "houses" the player advances (as in a dice movement), but when there is an obstacle or curve, take the available route automatically like a pathfinder. Other interesting things:

Move v[x] times to [direction]
When colliding move v[x] times to [direction]
Possible moves = v[x] (Reduce at each step)
Stop route
Continue route
Continue route to [direction]
Change route to [direction]
When positioned over [terrain tag] do [one of the example commands]

Some of the options I've listed are already possible with common conditions, but it would be nice to have shortcuts to them also in the "Move Event" window.

Code for Implementation:
Nothing to say.

Not necessary.

Why is this feature good?
By manipulating a variable motion, the developer can easily create systems similar to board games. This is the purpose I have in mind as I reread the topic, but a myriad of possibilities might arise.

Possible issues with this feature?
Maybe systems that alter the game's handling will suffer incompatibility. Movements per pixel, eight directions, this kind of system. Or not, I do not understand the subject to "diagnose" incompatibilities.
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