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Discussion in 'JS Plugin Requests' started by PanoramicPanda, Nov 1, 2015.

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    Did a quick search for this and found nothing, so here it goes.

    Looking for a plugin that can control the size of any pop up menus out of battle. Most of MVs default menus and a lot of the menu plugins are being made for the default resolution of 816x624. When you decide to run the game at 1280x720, yeah, all the menus resize themselves, but the information layout leaves a lot of empty screen space on the menus and a lot of them no longer look good.

    So, what I'm proposing, is a plugin that restricts the sizes of menus to something other than the full resolution. So you can run your game at 1280x720, but have menus that are 816x624 if you wanted.

    If there is already a plugin that can do this, by all means, point me toward it. I could not find one in my searching, and have been debating making this post for days.

    Thank you.

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