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Oct 13, 2017
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RPG Maker MV

Synopsis: In this game, you play as Shaokimi, that is a young red haired boy that lives in a tiny village with his grandma, who seems to be crazy; She always talks about a monster that killed Shao ´s parents and left her blind.

Saokimi ´s best friend is the forest; He loves spending whole days there, sharing with nature. One day, after going to bed, he wakes up in a strange place; There are floating rocks, and it looks pretty much like space. There is also some kind of goat woman, that tells him the following:

He is going to be transferred to the bunny dimension. He can get back to his dimension by killing someone or by finding the core crystal of the bunny dimension, to go to the beast dimension; Then he should find the core crystal of the beast dimension, to get into the Qulk dimension, and finally, kill Qulk in order to get back to the human dimension.

To achieve this, you ´ll have to take different decisions that may lead from losing an easter egg to the death of someone, or even a game over.

Stealing objects, completing secondary missions, killing other beings... It ´s your choice!

To advance, you MUST interact with what you see; From a character to something like a rock or a furniture. But be careful! Not everyone (or everything) is friendly! Sometimes, when interacting, you have many options that determine what you want Shaokimi to do; You must be careful with those ones as well!

If you find someone that is trying to get back to its dimension, such as a human, be careful; Remember that they can do it just by killing someone (That could be you!)

Items are also fundamental to unlock new interactions. You can get them in many ways; As a reward for a mission, by finding them, or by stealing them! But remember, people often realize it when something important is missing, so don ´t abuse when doing this!

Finally, remember; The goddess doesn ´t do any exceptions.

Project Status:
The following map graphics are already done:
  • Forest
  • Village
  • Shaokimi's home
  • Sky of the Godess
  • Bunny dimension (Exterior)
  • Bunny's home
The eventing was already done, but since the project was originally made in RPG Maker VX Ace and I am moving it to RPG Maker MV, I haven't finished remaking all the events

Positions/Roles Needed:
  • Storywriters: Even if the story is already planned, it could get more detail, extended, or even changed. That's the reason I need storywriters.
  • Pixel artists: Some original artwork would be pretty nice. Please note that the graphic style of the game is from RPG Maker VX Ace.
  • Digital Artists: I really need someone that can draw some scenes and characters for things such as the title screen.
  • Music makers: Some better music is currently needed.
  • Developers: It would be nice to have somen help with the game. WARNING: I won't be giving away the files of my game so easily. You will first have to prove you are trustable, and the best way to do that, is to apply for another role first.
If you want to apply for any of these, send me a PM

My Role(s)/Position(s): Developer, Parallax map maker, and leader of the project

Skill Trade: I can do eventing, image editing, and Parallax mapping

OLD SCREENSHOTS (From the VX Ace version, althought the graphics are the same in both versions):



Here's the Gamejolt page of the game:


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