RMMV Convert Mikagami Atelier's VX Ace save/load menu to MV?


Mar 5, 2021
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Hello! Apologies in advance as I'm not great at describing and explaining, and it's also my first time to post something in the forums. I'm looking for someone to convert/recreate Mikagami Atelier's save and load menu VX Ace script to a plugin for MV. The script has been translated by tale here: Save Thumbnail

And it looks like these in-game:

I really like the design of the menu, especially when I first saw it in Mogeko Castle. It just looks very simple, and the save thumbnail is very useful, since it gives the players a preview to where exactly they left off. I've searched around and only saw save plugins with small thumbnails, I've tried playing with their sizes but it wasn't really working. The thumbnails were also a preview of the whole map, which I didn't really fancy. I like the thumbnail to be just a zoomed-in area close to the character like the examples above.

I guess all that's left for me to say is the possible functions of the plugin that I'm kinda expecting:
  • Change the text displayed in the hint box
  • Show/Hide character levels
  • Decrease/Increase the max save slots
  • I am unsure how to call it but it's to change the "File 1" name of the save slot to something different, just like the "★DATA 1" of the second example.
  • Any other customizable functions of the script converted as parameters in the plugin, you can also add more functions if you'd like :kaoluv:
If all of that is too much work, even just the menu design and the save thumbnail function converted as a plugin to use in MV is more than enough for me!
Thank you so much in advance!

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