Convert SideView to simple FrontView ?

Discussion in 'Javascript/Plugin Support' started by Benji01, Feb 20, 2017.

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    I decided to rewrite my thread - so here we go:
    I want to convert the sideview system, into front view.
    My game has only 1 actor.
    I have found out how to move his position.
    I want to use charsets as actor & enemy sprites, I do this with victor's battler graphic set up.
    I even found the line in his script that defines where the character moves if taking a step forward, running, etc.
    So I got this, but there are more Problems:
    How can I change it so, Actors on default look 'up' and not left?

    How can I chang eit so, Enemies on default look 'down' and not right?

    When enemies take action in battle, they move right - where can I change it so they just move
    down towards my actor - who is positioned in the bottom middle of the screen, just above the UI.

    Please help me ;__;
    I have given my battle screen a lot of thought on how I can create the most amount of variation in enemies.
    There are literally tons of charsets for all different kinds of monsters, probably about 50% more than actually
    drawn enemies AND when using a charset, I don't have to get an extra on-map-character for the enemy, because
    its all in one. I was about to use Sideview, but ALL boss sprites are front view.
    I didn't think it was that hard, I remember in VX Ace Victor had a script for such kind of front view system and
    it was really easy to setup ~ has nobody ever needed something like this in MV ? I couldn't find anything on
    the internet, seems everybody is fine with using sideview... :/ I don't like sideview.

    Link to Victors Plugin:

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    Closed due to OP's request.

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