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    This is an app me and @Wrongful have been working on for about a month. It was his idea, because his game was made with a demo Ace and he can't use the Convert to MV plugin. He's also the first and only person to test my thing so far.

    There is a VXA plugin by @Shaz , that does this already if you are only interested in converting the rvdata2 to JSON. (it's pro so it will probably work better than my app) It's really credit/thanks to her plugin that this even works at all.

    This app converts the Ace rvdata2 into Rpg Maker MV JSON and it has an optional second step to convert the Ace graphics into 1.5 scaled MV images. (48/32)


    The Windows version needs Ruby installed
    , so check out this spoiler if you don't have C:\Ruby32
    This app is an MV game made with javascript and node.js, but it has a ruby component to Marshal load the rvdata2 into readable data. My mac that I wrote this on already had Ruby, but if you're on Windows and you don't have the folder C:\Ruby32 then you will need to install Ruby and restart windows before running this.
    Check these 3 boxes when you install Ruby. I think only one needs to be checked, but I just checked all 3 to be certain.

    As with Shaz's plugin, the game won't be whole MV. You'll need to get the javascript equivalents of your Ruby plugins and event scripts and stuff.

    EDIT: I made a video tutorial kinda. It only does two things so maybe it doesn't need a tutorial, but here is a video of the thing in action anyway. I picked out the music from YT Audioswap.

    version 0.2 Mar 13 - it turns out it was making an error with maps with encounters, because I forgot to add that empty class to marshal load data into, it was making undefined error. I fixed the ruby part, and the javascript part remarkably still works without change. If you downloaded before today and don't want to download the whole thing again, you can replace the inpsect.rb in /www/js/plugins/ with the inspect.rb attached to this post. This version is literally only two lines more than the prev version.

    version 0.1 Mar 11 This may generate a false error color for big maps, but still convert to JSON anyway. I'm awaiting Wrongful's response, as my only tester so far, before I make this assumption. I'm taking it by his silence that the error color he found was false, and he's now busy working on his new converted game.

    Mac Version (.dmg)
    Windows Version (.zip)
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    I've been following your excitement about doing this, and am so pleased that you've got it completed. Well done.
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    Wow this sounds really neat :) I wish there was something like this for RMXP
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    Yesss, this looks so awesome!

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