Mar 3, 2020
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Converting sheet style animations into MZ

This is a tutorial on how to take an animation sheet .png file like those in MV and use Effekseer to convert the animation into a file to be used by MZ.

1. Gather information from the animation sheet. You need the total image size of the sheet (to get frame size), the number of columns, the number of rows, the total number of frames, and then the frame size. Write the figures for later. The MV default frame size is 192 by 192 but this method should work on other animation sheets as well. The frame size is calculated by the file size divided by the number of columns and rows respectfully. Example - An image that is 960 * 2304 that has 5 columns and 12 rows would have a frame size of 192 * 192, 960/5 and 2304/12.
Step 1.png
2. Save the animation sheet in your project under Effects>Textures
Step 2.png
3. Open Effekseer, go to Files then New Project
Step 3.png
4. Optional - Change view to 2D
Step 4.png
5. Click Node on bottom right of the screen. (Option - Click name and name the node)
Change the time to live where it says Mean and change to the Number of Frames in your animation sheet. (If you have an issue where an image just lingers for a while after the animation plays, this is usually the reason why)
In the bottom of the viewer, change the final frame to the number of frames to view the animation better later
Step 5.png
6. Click on Basic Render Settings (Yellow Cube)
Load Texture - Select the file IN YOUR PROJECT of the animation sheet you want to use
UV should be changed to animation
Size is the frame size
Step 6.png
7. X-Count is the number of columns and Y count is the number of rows
At this point you should be able to play in the viewer and see the animation. Control + Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Note - I have had to go to the orange square which is scale and change x and y both to ten to make the animation large enough in MZ. You can simply scale this in the MZ editor as well, I am uncertain why it makes it so small scaled to 1...
Step 7.png
8. Hit Save As making sure the file type is correct (EFKETC) and save in your projects Effects Folder with other Effekseer files, make sure to save as a unique name to not override other animations
Step 8.png
9. Go to your project, click on database and then change maximum and add one. Name the animation whatever you want, click on filename and find the file, and the animation should be there!
Step 9.png

Two things I would like to note is that rotation does not work, and at this time I do not know how to take a partial sheet into an animation. I personally would edit a sheet in GIMP or Photoshop if you need to use a partial animation and that should work FInalbossblues has a pixel animation series that has multiple animations on each sheet for example, the sheets would need one animation a piece for this to work.


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Jul 31, 2015
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Thank you so much for this. The transition away from animation sheets was something I wasn't too keen on, so this guide is fantastic.

Lee Sang

Sang Hendrix
Jun 7, 2012
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A lifesaver. I'm converting my MV project to MZ and couldn't figure out how to convert my animations into MZ, now I know. ♥

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