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Mar 16, 2018
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Hi everyone, this is actually my first post on the forums but I've been lurking for months. Looking forward to being a bigger part of the community.

I'm working on a game called End of Solitude, which is actually based on a novel I wrote. It's a dystopian/sci fi story with action and survival elements. I've just been toying around with the battle mechanics, trying to get something that's both unique and fun before I actually dive into the story, I was hoping to get some feedback and maybe see if anyone can offer any good tips for this sort of thing.

Most of the combat is going to be gun-based, I have an ammo system and about 25 unique guns (with their own images!) all implemented, but I'm a little nervous about the hit/damage system I've envisioned. Basically the guns are mostly going to be pretty overpowered, with most enemies dying from 1-3 hits from most guns, but everyone has relatively low accuracy. I gave every hero a base hit rate of 50% and then every gun increases it from between 5% and 45%, so some guns are more accurate than others. The actor's strength/attack rate still affects the gun damage, so the gun damage is turned up pretty high so that the user's ATK rating has a very minor impact.

I'm worried it's going to be extremely difficult to hit that sweet spot of not too difficult, not too easy, and not too frustrating. It'd be easy to make it so that even the lowest-level guns kill everything easily, or both the player and the enemies miss so often that fights become boring.

There's also no magic system, so MP has become stamina and every action uses at least a tiny bit of stamina. In addition, heavier weapons reduce max MP (stamina) to simulate them being difficult to wield.

I did come up with a pretty nifty "gadget" system where there's a "gadget" armor slot and most gadgets give access to unique abilities like a stun setting, refraction field, etc. This is to make up for the fact that there's no magic, and options for special attacks with guns are a bit limited.

There's a few screenshots below, including what I've changed the parameters to. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, even just first impressions, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks everyone!



Nov 28, 2018
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I haven't delved into any kind of combat-related things yet, but I do have a couple of ideas that might improve the gameplay of your gun idea a little bit more.

  1. In order to make it seem more fair to the player, perhaps the initial enemies have a similar accuracy to the base weapons--50%. As the player progresses through the game, the base enemy accuracy increases accordingly--if the player has a weapon that hits 75% of the time, the enemies have weapons that hit between 60%-80%, and so on, so forth.
  2. Perhaps you can implement a function that allows the players to 'take aim' and add a 1.5% or 1.25% increase to their base accuracy. It'll give up the possibility of giving damage for a more certain probability that it'll actually hit.
  3. On another note, instead of 'taking aim', maybe you can introduce the concept of weapon-based scopes that you can equip and unequip to weapons outside of battle.
  4. Alternatively, you can have the player's 'level up' in weapon proficiency. If you use a rifle a lot, you level up your rifle proficiency and can aim better and do more damage. But if you're proficient just in rifles, you won't aim as well with pistols, bazookas, the like. While it is a very neat concept, the issue becomes that, if the player figures out that a tough enemy they're facing off against is somehow incredibly strong or resistant against damage caused by their weapon class, they're sort of forced to grind proficiency, which can get annoying.
  5. For the combat system, perhaps you could also add some more interactivity--for example, a mobile crossfire moving around the target, occasionally overlapping with a dot. If you shoot too far from the dot, you miss, and the closer you shoot it, the more damage you do. The better the guns are or the more proficiency they have, the larger the dot is and the more forgiving it is when you do fire. Perhaps the ease of it also changes, and there are hidden bonuses if you fire elsewhere from the dot, i.e. firing a bazooka at the floor between two enemies damages both of them instead of just one, though the damage is randomly spread out. This might fix the issue of 'Too much missing' by adding a skill ceiling by way of practice instead of random chance, and missing would be more the players' fault rather than RNG.
I don't know, these were just a couple of ideas. I hope this was the kind of info you were looking for!

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