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    Hi everyone,

    seeing how many wonderful things I managed to get from the forums around here I decided to try to contribute a little bit :)

    I'm currently working on a World Map - C tileset for my strategy game and I needed a ton of buildings, so I just made some. Seeing how there aren't that many world map tiles around maybe you'll find these useful.

    I'll expand the list as I make more, may take a bit but I plan to eventually fill up the whole sheet. ;)

    Since I edit existing things and draw minor things you don't really need to credit me, but please don't claim them as your own or repost them somewhere else. If you do want to credit me though, I'd appreciate it. That said these tiles use tiles that were made by other people, so do credit them! Also, they're free for commercial use, but you need VX Ace to use them legally. 

    World Map: Buildings


    Tiles used + People to credit:

    - Avery ( - if you're going commercial give her a free copy!

    - TheInquisitor ( - can be used without credit, any project.

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