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Nov 1, 2019
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It's easy to work. You just adjust 1 page. There are a total of 8 windows, a total of 120 windows. You may do 120 quests. What kind of this and this is an interesting option
For you

Correct the name to PLK_Window.


Added a keyboard launch assignment.

Open Window Buy1 with the B button.

Make corrections

Screen error 13-14-15

The color tone windows in the game can now be changed.

open Gallery screen.

Plugin Command New

PLK_Window Color1

PLK_Window Color2

PLK_Window Color3

PLK_Window Color4

PLK_Window Color5

PLK_Window Buy1

PLK_Window Buy2

PLK_Window Buy3

PLK_Window Buy4

PLK_Window Buy5

PLK_Window Buy6

PLK_Window Buy7

PLK_Window Buy8

PLK_Window Buy9

PLK_Window Buy10

PLK_Window Buy11

PLK_Window Buy12

PLK_Window Buy13

PLK_Window Buy14

PLK_Window Buy15

It still needs a little improvement.

This is an example window. I think this may help as a good option.

Terms of Use

Free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects as long as credit is given.
Simply credit "Paltkorn" in your in-game credits. You

Helping you to have beautiful windows in your choosing clearly and easily

All 120 windows that this plugin layout is compatible with


Edit, category, page, flexible, easier to use.
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