Creating a Multiple Choice Image Mini-game (Video Example Below)

Apr 27, 2018
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Heya internet!
So, for a certain part of my game, there is a quiz minigame (like that of below) that I may need help creating.
I just need help finding/making a plug-in showing how to have images be selectable (similar to that of the "Show Choices" command, except with a picture, and letting a picture be selected without complicating the coding too much):kaophew:
Here's a video showing the base idea of what I mean.
If anyone is confused by what I mean, knows how to do it without plug-ins, knows of a pre-existing plug-in that could help me out, or thinks they can make this plug-in, please do let me know!:kaothx:
Also, do note I know next to nothing about plug-ins, so be patient with me if I'm confused! All I currently know is the area to put them and how to enable them, but not much else. :kaocry:
Thank you!:kaoluv:
- That Plush

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