Nov 24, 2013
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How can I make a skill that has a stacking state mechanic? 

Right now, I'm trying to make a skill that adds 2 stacks of this Venom state. 1 stack of Venom deals a flat damage amount each turn, and each stack deals a little more damage per turn.

Autos deal 1 stack of Venom. Max stacks is 6 (yes, I'm making Twitch from League of Legends).

I'm facing a problem though, I have no idea how to make this work. I'm using scripts such as Yanfly's Follow up skills, and Hime's ADD PARAM script. 

I need to figure out how to make it so autos stack 1 venom state, a certain skill stacks 2, and it caps at 6. 

This is what I have right now, but it isn't really working. I guess using the follow up script won't work, because it can only follow up to 1 skill, not multiple based off of the state they have.

I currently have / or want my system to do this:

Venom Cask:

1. Check if the enemy has 1 stack of Venom, if so, set their stacks to 3; if not, set their stacks to 2

2. Check if enemy has 2 stacks of Venom, if so, set their stacks to 4; if not, end

3. Check if enemy has 3 stacks of Venom, if so, set their stacks to 5; if not, end

4. Check if enemy has 4 stacks of Venom, if so, set their stacks to 6, if not, end

5. Check if enemy has 5 stacks of Venom, if so, set their stacks to 6, if not, end

6. Check if enemy has 6 stacks of Venom, is so, end

This is how mine is TRYING to work right now, but... yeah, not working. Is there ANY simpler solution to this? Are there any scripts that could help me? 

Here's the page of Twitch, if you want to understand how his passive and Venom Cask (W) work -




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