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Mar 1, 2012
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Things you should not post about in a support forum:

1) Script-related issues.

Please use the Script Support forum or the script's thread.

2) Resource requests.

Please use the Resource Requests forum.

3) Elaborate event systems.

Please use the Event System Support thread.


Before you create a new thread:

1) Know which maker and version you have.

We offer support for multiple products. Make sure you're reading and posting in the right forum.

2) Search the support forum.

There's a chance someone's already encountered the same problem as you. Read through their thread and see how they solved it.

3) Browse the tutorial forum.

Please note that each product has its own tutorial sub-forum and that there's a non-specific tutorial forum located here.

When creating a new thread:

1) Identify which maker you're using.

You may add it to your title (ex. [RMXP] Thread Title) or in a topic tag.

2) Use a pertinent title.

Please refrain from ambiguous titles such as "help me now". Include information and keywords that can describe your thread better.

3) Be as descriptive as possible.

Briefly explain what you're trying to achieve. Please try to use proper spelling and grammar, and post in English only. You may also wish to post screenshots as well as a list of scripts you're currently using.

Large and/or multiple images and lists should be posted in a spoiler. Use the following code for spoilers:

[spoiler]Image or list[/spoiler]
4) Be patient and polite.

Remember that the people who answer threads aren't paid to do so. They're donating their time and energy to help you. They may not have answers to every question, either. Don't bump your thread more than once every 72 hours or complain that you're being looked over.

After your question's been answered:

1) Thank the person(s) who helped you.

Let people know when their solutions worked and thank them for their time.

2) Report the thread so a moderator can close it.

Reporting resolved threads helps us keep the forums clean and well-functioning. Closing a resolved thread lets people know that your issue has been resolved. It also prevents others from bumping your thread a year after your question's been answered.

3) Don't edit the thread title or main body of the first post.

Keeping the thread intact makes it easier to find through the search function. Although you may not need the thread anymore, someone else could find it useful.
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