RMMV Creating an own Battle-System(Advanced "Child of Light"- Battle System)


Dec 10, 2018
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Greetings, dear makerfolks,

I tried to create an own Battle System for my game for the longest time and besides to get the "Logic" of it I continue to fail to reconstruct it for java and I s*ck getting the language and how to use maker vars. My strengths are more calculating and balancing stuff.XD
Afer many chats with some developerfriends one of them recommended this site. Sooooo.....hi. :D

I am looking for someone who is skilled in making own plugins/scripts to help me creating the battle System.

- What is my Battle-System about?
Like I said, it is an modified version from the one of the Game "Child of Light". It is based on ATB, where every fighter in the battle got 2 areas in the ATB-Bar. The first one can be filled without the rules of speed. Once filled you choose an action(Attack, use Magic, Use Item, etc). Depending on your choice, you need to fill different percentages of the second ATB-Bar. Quick actions like blocking only need a short part of it while something summoning need almost all of it. While you charge the second bar, you can be dealt more damage and even lose your focus, bringing the progress back to the first bar. This System should reward good timing from strong attacks, distraction-attacks, aggropulling and abusing timed blindspots from enemies to deal immense damage.
The battle ends, when all enemies or all partymembers are eliminated.

I would be happy if this system works at its pure minimum and I am sure that this will take the most time. Especially because I try to learn the scripting better. So the following should only be entered if the system works and you guys want to help me even further.^^

- Stage 2 - Specific Elements
Attacks and Skills do not just deal damage according to formula and element. They get their numbers by numbers and %-Element. For example: "Lightning Slash" is an attack, where you slice your target and also deal Thunder-Damage. In the maker it would just deal Thunder-Damage, but I want itz to have 100 Slice-Damage and 200 Thunder-Damage, so resistences have to react correctly. Attacks also got attributes which decide how much extra-Damage a charging target would get or if it can interrupt a charged attack.

- Stage 3 - Status Conditions
There are specific Status Condition which run with the "ticks" of the charging ATB-Bars or Conditions running through the battle, increasing/decreasing all sorts of stats.

- Stage 4 - Specific Battle-Mechanics
There are still some mechanics, wo deepening the battle-System and gives the battlers more personality.

Area of Damage:
Some attacks deal damage to some or all parts of the groups but while aiming at one target it spreads to targets beside it and even further. Does "Golden Sun" ring any bells? This would be nearly exact the same. So Attacks need 2 more vars: How far(or if) it can spread and how much it gets weaker the farther it spread.

Characters got an attribute called "withstand", where they can get in the negative range of hitpoints. They are like enduring a fatal blow, are badly wounded but still alive. While in "Withstand" they act kinda like being KO(cannot move) with some exceptions like they can get healed with potions(like they would be still alive) or can still get hurt. If their total damage reach at least their withstand they are finally done for and need "reanimation"

Its kinda like a Ragemode, where their stats rise and can get pretty mighty. I only last for a short time and being overclocked WHILE in "Withstand"-Mode, they even can fight and use their Ultimate. After casting it, they get K.O.

Thats is everything I want to tell. I would be happy and very thankful if someone can help me.


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May 15, 2016
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Child of Light! I'm not really a coder, so I'm just wishing you the best of luck (and if someone made an Ace version, I would love them to death).

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