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    RPGMAKER already has a ton of sfx that fit really well with rpg, but I'm curious om how to create such sound with midi alone (I understand some SE needs manual recording , like -equip or gun sound)

    I'm aware with DAW , and some online sfx creator that shared in this forum , but I'm more curious on how to achieve certain SE sound for the game.

    I usually do midi sequencing to create some tune, but SE use minimum midi and more of effect. recently I tried using bell for "confirm" sound , it works but I feel it's not good enough. most of online tutorials are more on creating midi tune or manual SE record.

    TL;DR , is there anyone experienced with certain tools to get desired SE sound? or certain effects that works well for SE midi? (ie. using delay on dropping arpeggio seq. will get you cancel sound/failure sound)

    also another reason I'm curious with this is because RM assets are locked for RM games (I wanted to tried them on gamemaker/Unity project)
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    I've made a few sound effects in a DAW using MIDI and VST instruments. Mind you, though, those were lyrical. Quick notes to create the sound effects are pretty good and if you add in minimal audio effects to them, such as a short reverb or something, so that the sustain sound isn't very long, it can make for some beautiful sound effects, mostly UI. Also, if you really want to know how to create sound effects using music/MIDI, I suggest checking out old NES/SNES games, mostly NES, since they were very good at that and most times were musical, usually using a noise channel mixed with custom sine waves. A similar effect can be achieved in MIDI or with the NES VST with MIDI piped through it.

    Good luck!
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