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    Hello everyone! I am new to RPG Maker and working with Sprites in general.
    I have been using a lot of the free resources available here on the forums and want to start putting forth my own efforts into the community! :D

    Recolored Sprites: Original provided by RPG Maker VX Ace [RTP]

    Character Sprites:





    I had some slime sprites I was going to post, but I re-read the Readme for the RPG Maker DS Resource Pack.

    2.2 Solely used for the creation of your game, you can edit, process, and modify the materials contained in the Resource Pack.

    2.3 Do not sell, distribute, lease, or transfer the Resource Pack itself (even if the materials were edited, process, or modified by the User).

    I have concluded I cannot share them. T-T Which is unfortunate because they are shiny.

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