[CRITICAL PRIORITY ISSUE] RPG MAKER MZ is anti-multimonitor and hates your multi-screen build, here's why.

nio kasgami

May 21, 2013
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I don't have this issue as well? but THE ONLY problem I have sometime is when the window open on the wrong window.
other than that it seems to work?
Mar 9, 2013
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Guys, I'm going to restore windows (my work it's on the cloud this time! hooray!), because after a restart quickly tried to launch MZ and it was working for three seconds on BOTH monitors! But, after these three seconds enjoying it, I heard a "Bup Bup BUP" like something was connected on the computer, then, MZ froze up and stop answering....

This is weird, like any of the graphic drivers launched and f*** up MZ logic.
So I'll try to do this (shame of me because I have to reinstall everything.. ouch):
  1. Reinstall Windows by choosing restore it keeping personal data.
  2. Once reinstalled, STOP WIFI and DISABLE THE STUPID AUTOMATIC DRIVER UPDATES!! Seriously Windows 10 stop playing with OUR drivers!
  3. Download MZ without installing ANY graphic driver and see what it happens across integrated and nvidia drivers.
  4. If MZ worked on both screens, install nvidia drivers (otherwise I'll have a turtle) but Do NOT install Intel graphic drivers yet.
  5. Depending of how the integrated panel performance is, install Intel drivers.
  1. If MZ worked only with NVIDIA drivers, we can know it's fault of Intel.
  2. If MZ doesn't work only with NVIDIA drivers after a fresh installation, then please someone shave my hair and hit me hard with a 10t hammer, I'll really appreciate it :kaocry:
Really, I really need open MZ windows on two places, specially due Playtest always going to the screen that is set as main, the external monitor I'm using is placed vertically when I'm developing, and see that the playtest goes to the tiny integrated screen because I'm forced to keep that one as main screen if I want to use the editor on it, makes me sad, but I become crazy when MZ stops working if I set the external monitor as the main screen and move the editor to the integrated window ;_;

This mystery driver that is enabled after few seconds when Window launches makes me mad... I try to find it on system log but I can't identify it, too many logs!
Mar 9, 2013
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Sorry about the doublepost! But I'm doing that to share some news!

I just reinstalled Windows 10 from zero, even deleted personal files as I transferred them to an external disk drive.

After reinstall windows, I rejected to connect it to Wifi and went to:
  1. Control Panel
  2. System
  3. Advanced system configuration -> Hardware -> Device install configuration -> NO (to disable automatic driver updates).
Then I connected the laptop to Wifi, and what a surprise! Windows 10 COMPLETELY IGNORED my wish to Not Install drivers automatically!

However, it installed both Microsofts Intel + Nvidia drivers (outdated versions ya know) plus the sound driver, and surprisingly now I can use MZ on Both screens!!

So hey Killuki, what's the isue then?

Here's the answer...

Sorry, but don't know.
But my guesses is that, any newer graphic controller driver could make MZ from stop answering.

Also, I just thought that I don't have VMWare Player installed, which I use in my work to keep separated my personal computer from my working environment (so my chief can't monitorize what I do outside that virtual space (smart guy here heheh).... neither I updated DX, or installed any windows update yet.

But I remembered a thing, Valorant was anti-vmware for some reason, just due that program the videogame couldn't launch, maybe it's a driver of vmware which causes the issue? I Hope not!!

I will edit this post once I installed VMWare and any other additional program to see if I hunt that criminal which makes our hybrid-card laptops look like trash (specially when we're trying to develope our games in MZ/MV), so MZ programmers can provide a fix to kill this five-years-beast.

EDIT: No issues caused by VMWare either, I'll keep you all updated if I catch what causes MZ to stop breathing in a new reply if 72 hours have passed! (I think that was the minimal time to doublepost, respect the rules! :rwink:).
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