Sep 24, 2018
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Epic story driven jrpg.

Epic in the classical sense of the plot stretching through a long period of time, as in, a generation of a tribe and its members. Does not mean it will be a 999 hour long grind treck.

Gameplay’s also inspired by the classiques, such as Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger, with some flair added from the FFs as well.

In a primitive, tribal world, echoes of the long lost élven people still whisper about destinies unclear . As dark forces gather for war against the human folk, one of the last few descendants of the élves, though in his aged years, is called to stand against the rising evil to protect his family, tribe and people. His offspring, coming of age at rising war, join their father’s plight, carrying on a holy light imbued within every noble heart.

*Sideview Battle Systems.
Two of them. One is a CTB based system for most of the battles between a party of about 4 heroes vs whatever mobs of enemies encountered. The other is a DTB based system for larger scale battles between troops in a battlefield.

*Day/Night and Seasons and weather.
This is a big one. There are four seasons with two variations for each, making up eight. Besides the graphic changes, the four seasons and weather impacts mob encounters and afflicted states. One example is if it’s winter, encounters are less in enemy number, but everyone is freezing cold, or if it’s raining, you’re wet and if you get struck by lightning, then it is bad.

*"Rich Story"
Everyone says that. Besides the usual sell, I can only add that the plot isn’t wholly created by me, but is based on an old stage play that I won’t name just yet, but one which I had to do an extensive study of for my own, different reasons. So I'll put that study to good use in this game.

*A crafting system
You can craft items, food, ointments, lotions, stuff like that, but most of all you'll craft weapons. Those break all the time, so you should always have a few on you to spare. You can change them mid battle, some of them you can throw at the enemy for good crits.

That's the basics.

Here are some wip screenshots.

First I’d like to say that I have been working on this game for a few years now, mostly in my spare time. Recently though, I've been working on this more and more than ever before and I'm gonna try going full time on this gig.

So currently, all of the main systems I mentioned are at least in their basic stage, some thing like seasons and weather are almost totally complete. A lot of the graphics stuff is also finished, though there are still a lot of designs still in shop. Combat system is very well advanced, I have most of the enemies done, gear if hallway done, though there are still a lot of stuff to balance and test out.

Overall, I’d say I am about 30% down the triple digit lane, if not a little bit farther in.

I’ll be spreading the word about the game for the next few weeks, see what people think about it.

Throughout the summer, I’m hoping to get an extended demo working. With its release, I’m hoping to get a couple of funding projects started that’d maybe help get my full time gig in working order.

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