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Jun 6, 2014
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Game Title: Crystal Eye

This is rather plain looking eh? Seems to be missing the game title. I COULD just put it there in text, but that's boring. Would love if someone could make a logo for me. A crystal or dragon (solid color like a shadow so you don't have to worry about the details) would be preferred. You could use one of these guys even. That'd work. Or just a crystal, since that's a main theme. Dragons really aren't but they're cool. =p OORRR, neither of those and just some cool looking design bubble behind the words, whatever's easiest for you.
If possible I'd like to also ask (I can't say hire since I'm not able to pay but I want to say it... XD) if that same person could make a couple title logos for the game's thread? Like "Background, Characters, Screenshots, etc" as they are listed in the thread. On a side note, if you'd like to help with anything else regarding my project I'm more than willing to accept it! I'm flying solo and it's quite difficult when you're going in blind. I'm really nobody's writer and kinda throw pixels and ideas together and hope it looks right. ._.;;

What I Can Offer: Uhh.... artwork?? I draw cutesy anime stuff so I guess I could offer that in return if needed? I really don't know...


Contact: Skype, Gmail & tumblr@ hikarushirou
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