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Dec 4, 2013
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So I am on a mission to make my girlfriend a short Pokemon game before Christmas. But I'm running into the following problem.

Shadow Pokémon:522:in `box_icon’: The class Gallade does not have an icon file forit. Please make sure that you make one for it. Refer to Crystal Engine –Box Storage for naming infromation. (SyntaxError)from Party Sized Menu v1.00:88:in `draw_item’from Window_Selectable:409:in `block in draw_all_items’from Window_Selectable:409:in `times’from Window_Selectable:409:in `draw_all_items’from Window_Selectable:440:in `refresh’from Window_MenuStatus:18:in `initialize’from Graphical Object Global Reference:147:in `new’from Graphical Object Global Reference:147:in `new’from Scene_Menu:43:in `create_status_window’from Scene_Menu:15:in `start’from Ace Menu Engine v1.07:440:in `start’from Real Time Menu Window:152:in `start’from Crystal Menu:46:in `start’from Scene_Base:12:in `main’from MOG_Weather_EX:694:in `main’from Graphical Object Global Reference:201:in `main’from Video Player:153:in `run’from Map Screenshot:971:in `run’from Screenshot taker:215:in `run’from Main:10:in `block in 

I have looked into the script myself and tried to figure out the root of the problem to no avail. It's supposedly a simple naming error somewhere or tag, however I feel I have all the files in the correct folders and there are no discrepancies in the tag. I have also tried adding a shadow Pokemon icon in the corresponding folder but it still doesn't appear to help.

You can find his build here, and will have to download all the subsequent audio and graphics packages below or it won't work.

If anyone can tell what the problem is simply by looking at this error log, has knowledge using Crystal Noel's build, or is willing to download it an help I would be very appreciative.
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