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Mar 15, 2012
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CSCA Encyclopedia & Bestiary
By: Casper Gaming
Last Update: 3/7/2013
Latest Version: 3.0.3

This script creates an encyclopedia, with the option to insert it into the default main menu. The encyclopedia contains a separate list for items, armors, weapons, and monsters(called bestiary). You can also create your own custom categories.

  • Add encyclopedia for items, weapons, armors, skills, and states
  • Add bestiary for enemies
  • Create your own custom categories
How to Use
Setup instructions in script.

Script (along with all my other scripts) can be found here:
Requires CSCA Core:

Credit & Terms

Version History
version 1.1(April 14, 2012):
- Added ability to set enemy/item/etc. to discovered through script call.
- Bestiary MaxHP and MaxMP listed at top of parameters now instead of bottom.
- Ability to restrict which items, armors, weapons, and enemies are shown to
the player based on their ID(you can restrict which ID the list goes up to)

version 1.2(April 29, 2012):
- No more max items listed. If you want to leave an item/enemy/etc. unlisted now,
use the notetag <csca enc exclude>.

version 2.0(June 17, 2012):
- Resized the windows to display more info on each item.
- Added skills and states to the encyclopedia.
- All commands(bestiary, items, etc.) are now able to be disabled.
- Changed colors of some text.
- Fixed bug with item occasion of Never.
- Made code more efficient.

version 2.0b(June 17, 2012)
- Removed add to menu option. Use the CSCA Menu Organizer for that instead.

version 2.1(July 12, 2012)
- Added option to use a custom image for skills/items/etc. instead of just using
the blown up icon for said skill/item/etc. Size of image is 72x72.
- Added ability to change x coordinate of stat amounts.
- Added ability to customize order encyclopedia lists are shown.

version 2.2(August 13, 2012)
- Windows now resize properly with different resolutions.

version 2.2b(September 5, 2012)
- Optimized script.
- Added ability to set amount of a certain enemy defeated.

version 2.2c(September 11, 2012)
- Param text now displays at the correct x coordinate automatically.

version 3.0(October 6, 2012)
- Divided the totals window into 2 separate windows, one shows total completion %,
the other shows category completion %.
- Added support for CSCA Achievement System.
- Users can now create their own custom categories.

version 3.0.1(October 14, 2012)
- Added ability to re-order custom categories and default categories.

version 3.0.2(October 21, 2012)
- Added ability to change descriptions of custom entries

version 3.0.3(March 7, 2013)
- Compatibility patch for CSCA Currency System
- Removed some duplicate code (now in Core Script)

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