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    Class Name Change 1.0
    by Ceschi

    IntroductionThis plugin change the name of the class for an actor, allowing to use the same class for different actor but displaying a different name.

    When I was using Yanfly's plugin for Changing Class http://yanfly.moe/2015/11/27/yep-32-class-change-core/

    I found that does not allow to change the  name of a class depending on the actor using it.

    Not his fault, but that was the way RPG Maker MV is made. But I wanted more.

    So, how can I realize a Maid/Butler class? 

    Or even better, how realize a rpg like Fire Emblem Fate, where classes have different name, depending on the faction/races?

    Now, with this plugin, is possible.

    Free use for any type of game, just credit me. And, of course, Yanfly, if you're using his plugin for changing class.Features- Easy to use.- Full compatible with Yanfly's Plugin.How to UsePut on the class notetag the following tag:

    <Actor x Name Y>

    Where x is the ID number of the actor and Y is the NAME you want to see on the menu.

    EX: <Actor 1 Name Maid> -> you will see the class as Maid, for actor 1.

    N.B. If you're using Yanfly's Plugin, put this under ALL of his plugin (just to be sure...).


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