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Oct 22, 2012
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:rock-left:  Hey everyone  :rock-right:

So it has become evident I cannot give enough cultural reference for the dialog of my characters through conversation and narration alone.  ;_;

I am looking for a script that will highlight text as it's typed in dialog boxes with tags. The text files would be numbered for calling in the script and pictures would be referenced in that tag. Ex. (1,"Bitten Peach")then the highlighted dialog with another tag to close the highlighted portion.(End) 

This would trigger the script to look for an external folder in the resources of the game where text files / pictures would sit in a file tree like Encyclopedia/ Text Files, and Encyclopedia/ Pictures.

There would be a menu option called "Encyclopedia" that when clicked on would open a new menu scene with a scroll-able list that  highlights the unread entries until they were read. When one of these is clicked on it would open a new scene that has a picture and the text file populating the field below with information.

As my game is linear it wouldn't require ??????? spots that may not be filled.

Lastly there is a small animation component I would like to add to the request,  :distrust:

After the text from onscreen dialog is finished populating a window when characters speak, the highlighted text would return to normal hue (in a determined number of frames) as an icon appears at the bottom right corner representing the new encyclopedia entry that would fly to the left of the screen in the direction of where it rests in the main menu to encourage the player to go seek it out after dialog is complete.

Additionally from the game menu I would love for it to show a badge with the number of unread entries on top of the encyclopedia menu. If you chose to read 3 and there were 7 unread entries when you exit the encyclopedia menu to the main menu you would see a badge with the number 4 in it's place.

Also I have heard calling external text files and resources can bog down performance so the script must be tidy with only loading the actual encyclopedia entries when they are called and disposing of them immediately after exiting the encyclopedia menu. Ex.  If you read an entry and then backed out to the encyclopedia menu and read another, Both entries would remain cached in case the player wants to re-read it immediately during the scene but if you left the encyclopedia scene they would be disposed of and need to be reloaded again next time.

On an additional note since the mechanics are in place I'd love for it to call sound files from the same mechanism for when I hire the voice actor to do  narration of the cinematic sequences - and certain important character dialog we've hobbled together..  BD

I'm not sure how any of this would be achieved as i do not script but if your interested I'd love to chat. As well I am currently using ATS Face Options and formatting. It would need to not clash with those...   :D
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