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Discussion in 'Visual Novel Maker Support' started by Jaybie, Jan 27, 2019.

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    For my project I want to make my CG gallery into a cast of characters/character profile gallery that unlocks character profile pages as you encounter them.

    I kind of want to make a custom gallery page for that. How would I go about setting that up?

    If I'm unable to do that, is it possible to make a custom/extra menu and make it work with the other/main menu?
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    Hello Jaybie,
    I may be of assistance if you're running action based.
    Are you familiar with how the default CG gallery works?
    You could just use a graphic of the character and their profile on a single image with a thumbnail of just the character's face or something, and then you could use the default "Unlock CG" command as you encounter your characters.
    Kinda like this:


    As for creating a custom gallery page, there are a million different ways you could do that.
    If it's possible to share your vision of this custom CG gallery then perhaps we have a starting point, otherwise we're coming from two completely different novels.
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