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Dec 30, 2020
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I was wondering if someone could whip up for me a plugin that lets me specify a note tag in a monster's notes field that allows me to indicate a specific collapse sound effect for that monster. Right now I really like the collapse sound I have of a big, guttural "Urp!" sound for most dying enemies, but I'd like to be able to replace it with a chittery screech for my insect enemies or a more mechanical "collapse into a pile of nuts and bolts" sound for my robot enemies. I searched and was surprised to find no such script already existed since it seems like it would be pretty simple? ...he said, not-knowing-javascriptly. It's also always possible my google fu failed, of course.

I honestly don't know if this is beyond my capabilities or something I could potentially be instructed to do, so it was really a toss up between posting this here or in "Learning Javascript" to see if someone could teach me how. I think the code I'd want to reference (and alias in a plugin) is around 4443 of rpg_objects.js but as the tossup landed here in Plugin Requests and not Learning Javascript I won't speculate further on how one might do it.

Many many thanks to anyone who can find a moment to help me with this!

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