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May 5, 2019
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I'd like to implement a GUI for battles that's less dependent on menus/lists. I've looked at a couple of the GUI plugins out there, but I'm not seeing that they can do what I'm looking for. My game is supposed to have an MMO feel to it, and I want my battle GUI to reflect that. I've attached a mockup of the general layout.

So the GUI elements would include clickable buttons that also have number assignments for directly using skills, without having to select a button that says Skills first. These buttons should update based on which character's turn it is.

Also clickable buttons with items such as potions with a quantity indicator that the player can define somewhere.

The defend and run and a separate item list for just in case, would also have their own clickable buttons/shortcuts.

I'm not asking someone to make this from scratch, as I'm sure it would be a huge amount of work! But rather, what's the best thing to use among things that are already available to make the buttons I want?


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