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Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by Almightypebble, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Hey, everyone!

    So I recently downloaded Soul's Ultimate Title Screen to try and spice up my main menu and I ran into a few issues.

    First off I'd like to ask if someone knows how I can make it so that the press start has more of a fade in and fade out instead of a fade out and then flicker in. (The text just appears instead of fading back to full opacity)

    Using the mouse on the custom title buttons seems to be a little off, it doesn't highlight the correct text and I need to click a little below the center of the text, not exactly on it.

    Also whenever I open options with the ENTER key it just seems to open a blank giant text window instead of the actual options window, I don't know why. It works when I open it with the mouse.

    It also seems to not be optimized for widescreen, because I'm using 1280x720 and the fog and particles seem to only go as far as the original resolution, maybe there is a way I can increase the resolution for it?

    If there is a better way to create a similar title screen with images for the menu buttons, could you please tell me?

    EDIT: So I'm using Galv's Custom Title, which works fine when I changed the font and the Press Start looks good, but I'm wondering if someone knows how to combine the custom images from Saul's Ultimate Title Screen for Title, New game, Options, etc with the Galv Custom Title plugin, so that it's the best of both worlds?

    Thank you!
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