Nov 21, 2019
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I'm looking for a Cyberspace themed Tileset and a overworld music track to go with it. I'm unfortunately not a gifted artist or pixelartist to create such things. Being a noob at RPGMAKER MV in itself doesn't help either. Here's a less vague description:

I'll need it to be compatible with RPGMAKER MV, as that's the i'll be using to complete this project.

I'm looking for Floor tiles in a cyberspace network theme, Reminiscence of the the AMALA network from Shin Megami Tensei

Please keep in mind that the floor tiles in this are presented in the way because of the camera of SMT:nocturne is third person and always behind the player. So the floor tiles will need to be flat / birds eye view.

And Floor tiles reminiscence of the floor tiles from Megaman Battle Network

The tiles in this picture are in a diagonal perspective. that's because of the camera. Please keep in mind i won't be using the same camera angle, it'll be top down - up down left right with 0 diagonal movement.

I'm not entirely worried about the music. It's more of a 'if someone is willing and can/wants to do it' more then it is a 'I MUST HAVE THIS OR MY LIFE IS INCOMPLETE'

I apologise for the lazy-ish post. It's my first post on the forums! so i'm a tad bit shy. Trying to get a feel for the place!

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